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The Life of Opportunity

Posted Monday, December 29, 2008, at 6:41 PM

The things that happen in a person's life are nothing short of amazing ... or at least I like to think so. Many people think of life changing events as have a child, getting married, or buying that first home. All of these thing are big life changing events, but what about those event that are not quite so big? Are they still just as life changing?

I was excited the first time I paid rent. For some one who lived at home for as long as I did, paying bills was a whole new world. Paying bills meant that I needed to keep better track of my finances, which is never a bad thing. In that case paying bills has created an opportunity for me to better myself.

Back in August, I got engaged. In preparation for the wedding my fiancÚ and I have begun a diet together. Most people would see it as a "Wedding Diet" which is over the second we say "I Do" ... not me. To put it nicely, I could use to lose a few pounds to improve my overall quality of life. In this case by way of preparing for a wedding, life has presented an opportunity for me to make myself healthier.

Like more people than you would think, I'm not really using my college education right now. However working for a newspaper has presented many opportunities. For one has it brought me back to writing. I loved to write when I was little, but during high school and college, I lost my passion somewhere. Working for a newspaper has rekindled that enjoyment of writing.

I have also decided that I am going to go back to school and pursue a degree to teach newspaper and yearbook in a high school. Not only would I be able to continue working with graphics and photography, but I would also get to share my enjoyment with students and potentially develop their passions.

On the other side there have been negative things that have happened in my life. Like most guys in the world, I have been dumped or rejected by girls. However if they hadn't dumped me, then I never would have met my future wife.

I've done stupid things and made some poor decisions, but those experiences have lead me to where I am today. I am pretty happy with who I am. I certainly have some room for improvement and I will be the first person to tell you.

Life presents each and every one of us with new experience, new people and new decisions. As human beings we will make a few poor decisions, but that does not mean that was the wrong decision.

When I was 15 years old, I attended the Philmont Scout Reservation. A member of the crew I was with was a man by the name of Rodney Beckdoldt. He gave me a very valuable piece of wisdom. "Life has no problems, just challenges and opportunities."

It is my belief that those people who are truly happy in life see the happenings in life as opportunities rather than problems. Sure they have probably missed a few opportunities or let some pass through their grip without even knowing about it, but knowing that they will always be another opportunity ahead is enough to stay positive.

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