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To buy a car or to go to the World Series ... that is the question.

Posted Wednesday, November 4, 2009, at 9:33 AM

On my way to work this morning I heard that there are still tickets available for tonight Game six of the World Series with the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies. Two tickets were mentioned on the air as being located behind the Yankees' dugout at the price of $25,000 ... each.

Know that nearly everything about the Yankees is outrageous, I decided to investigate to see just what kind of tickets were available for tonight's game. So I went to the Yankee's website and clicked on the link where I could purchase tickets, I was taken to StubHub.com where I found that the cheapest ticket available for tonight's game is $540 -- that is more than my house payment. Not only is the ticket expensive, but it is also in the nose-bleed section and "may have an obstructed view" -- according to StubHub.com

Upon further investigation, I discovered that $25,000 will only get you seat behind the Phillies' dugout, you will need another $2,500 if you want to sit behind the Bronx Bombers. It bothers me that people are willing to pay these prices to watch a baseball game. There are tickets available that are even more expensive, the most expensive ticket available will set you back $50,000.

I know that going to the World Series is, for most people, a once in a lifetime event, and the Yankees need to pay for that brand new stadium of they opened this year but I don't want to have to make the decision of, do I go to the game or do I buy a house or a car.

These prices are only for game six, if the Phillies win and force a game seven, the tickets are even more expensive. For that game tickets range from about $500-$60,000.

With all that being said, who wants to give me a ride to New York? I need someone who can get me to the stadium in two hours. After paying upwards of $600 for a ticket, who can afford the travel? I wonder if the new stadium has rooms to rent, I'm sure a hotel would be out of the question.

Oh, one more thing ... GO PHILLIES!!!

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