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A dream to remember

Posted Wednesday, November 18, 2009, at 11:35 AM

I don't know why, but I have not been having many dreams lately. In fact, until this morning I couldn't remember the last dream I had ... well that changed and boy was it a doozy. I just have to tell the world about it.

For some unknown reason my dream began with me walking onto the property where Adam LaRoche lives. It was a picturesque autumn morning in the Midwest. There were three gentlemen each sitting on the tailgate of a pick-up truck singing songs to groups of high school students surrounding them. As I approached one of the unidentified singers there was a loud bell ringing and all the kids ran away. I guess it was time for school to begin.

First of all, I have never met Adam LaRoche face-to-face, nor do I have any idea where he lives or why I would be there. Secondly, I can only guess that it may have something to do with the recent Ropin' & Rockin' for Pennies for the Park event that the singers came in to the picture.

After the kids seemed to instantly vanish as the sound of the bell from the sky, I entered the large white building which I can only assume was LaRoche's house. When I stepped inside it turned into a restaurant of some sort. I have no idea what was served as I never received a menu. While sitting at a table waiting for anything to happen a woman walked up to me and began to flirt with me, not in a playful way, but in an overly aggressive way that was very off-putting.

Don't quit reading now, the story is just about it get real good.

The flirting woman walks away long enough for my wife to come join me at the table with yet another unidentified individual. This time I don't even know if this person is a male or female ... just an ambiguous human-like figure.

My wife asks me to find a jar of red Gummi Bears, this did not seem like an odd request because I some how knew exactly where the jar was. I went to retrieve it from another room. While in the room, the aggressively flirty woman reappeared and was very pleased with distracting me from my task at hand.

If you thought the story was weird so far, just wait here comes the real crazy part.

I'm standing in the other room telling the flirting woman to leave me alone because my wife is here and I don't want her to get upset and suddenly the woman vanishes just as the kids from earlier did.

I walk out of the room without the red Gummi Bears ... bad husband. It turned out that it did not matter that I failed at my task because as soon as I exited the room, I noticed that my wife was gone and the whole place had turned into a combination bowling alley and arcade ... and airport.

Just wait it gets better.

As I'm walking through the airport section of the room, there is a gentleman who is trying to get his three-year-old son on the plane by himself and the security wouldn't let him. Then there was a woman on security talking on her radio to get a manager to come over. The reason she needed the manager was because the woman she was helping just found out that the island she lived on no longer existed.

I continued walking until I reached the bowling alley section. I looked and noticed that the lanes were shut down for some reason and I suddenly had a pocket filled with quarters. Discouraged that I couldn't go bowling I went to the arcade area where I ran into my high school principal. I asked him if he knew why the lanes were shut down and he had no answer.

I went back to the lanes and the lights turned on and I was ready to bowl. Suddenly my bowling ball got very small and the lanes morphed into ski ball. I thought ... awesome I love ski ball.

Just as I was about to roll my first ball, I woke up.

I don't have any idea what any of that means. I do know that it was crazy and I had to tell everyone.

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