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One year ago today

Posted Monday, December 15, 2008, at 6:18 PM

Today, Dec. 15, is a very special day. The reason it is so special is because one year ago today I was in a vehicular accident.

I was traveling down Interstate 44 on my way to Springfield when I lost control and wrecked my car. I was headed there because I was joining my girlfriend (now fiancÚ) at the wedding of her friend. The reason I was driving by myself and not with her is because she left the day before to help decorate the reception hall and attend the rehearsal. I probably would have tagged along except I was busy attending my graduation from Pittsburg State University.

Oddly enough, on this day last year the weather was nearly the same. The only difference was there was more snow and less ice. I find it very interesting that the weather is very similar.

I left my home in Franklin leaving ample "flat tire" time, in case something should happen or if I needed to drive slower than normal. Little did I know that something would indeed happen.

I was traveling in the left lane when I noticed a semi-truck pulling into the lane ahead of me. By no means did he pull out in front of me. I didn't slam on the breaks or anything, I gently applied the breaks to slow down a bit. When I applied the breaks the rear end of my car lost traction and slid to the left.

I remember my exact words, although no one was there to hear it.

"Awe crap," I said in a very calm matter.

Everything I learned while I was learning how to drive suddenly flew through my head, I instinctively knew to steer in the direction of the slide.

The interesting part was I was never able to gain control of my car. I ended up rotating about 200 degrees, across the right lane of traffic, when I struck the guard-rail with the rear-driver's side corner of my car.

I remember thinking for a moment, "did that really just happen?" When I suddenly realized that I was on the shoulder of I-44 at about 5 p.m. facing oncoming traffic.

I called my parents to let them know what had happened and to let them know that I was okay. There was a Greene County Deputy about 500 feet away from me when the accident happened.

The only injury I had was a cut above my eye. Upon impact my visor was knocked loose and came across my face. Ironically on my visor was St. Christopher medal which was what cause the cut over my eye. For those who don't know, some people put St. Christopher medals in vehicles to protect us in our travels.

Long story short, I ended up driving my car the rest of the 20 miles to the wedding. I may have missed seeing my girlfriend (still fiancÚ now) light the Christmas trees in the church, but I did not miss the bride walking in.

Now I have pictures of my girlfriend (still fiancÚ) at the wedding reception with a bandage covering my entire left eyebrow.

To celebrate the anniversary, I dropped $450 on four new tires for my car, which still has not had the body damage repaired. Now my fiancÚ and I have a pretty interesting story to tell our children when we have them.

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