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Cellular World

Posted Wednesday, October 15, 2008, at 9:20 PM

I am in the market for a new cell phone, however I am having a hard time deciding.

The reason that I am getting a new cell phone is because I am currently on my second borrowed phone in about six months. My last phone was a Motorola V3xx which had an encounter with the toilet -- don't ask -- and promptly ceased to function, or even turn on.

After the water show, I used my old phone that I kept after the upgrade, a Motorola v180, which would hold a charge for about three hours. Then I borrowed my oldest brother's Motorola Razor -- one of the first Razors -- which quit texting and messaging all together, including voicemail. After a short time later, the camera quit and I could not even get to my pictures with out the phone freezing up. Then I moved to the phone I am currently using, a Moto Krzr that I borrowed from another brother of mine when he got a new phone. The problem with this phone is that it is not mine.

I am eligible for an upgrade later this month so I have been doing some looking around to make the process quicker when it came time. I must say I am not that impressed.

I like the LG Shine, but my oldest brother had one and he had a lot of difficulty with it. I do not want to go through the hassle of that all over again. I really like it because the way it looks and because it is a slider phone. The other one that I am looking at is the Blackberry Pearl. This is interesting because I wanted a Blackberry when I was in college to help keep track of my busy schedule. Instead I got a PDA which I do not use anymore. This makes me wonder if a Blackberry Pearl would be much more phone than I really need. Plus all the extras are pretty useless unless you have a media plan, which I don't.

There are a couple phones online that are visually appealing to me, but I just don't know. I can tell you one thing, I will not be getting a Razr or even a Motorola for good long while.

Who knew that cell phones would grow to be so popular that buying a cell phone would be as intensive as buying a car.

What is your favorite cell phone brand?


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If you haven't already, check out www.LetsTalk.com. They have the best rates over anyone else I have found, whether you are a new customer or just looking to upgrade. I even got $50.00 dollars cash back and paid nothing for my phone.

-- Posted by Concerned_Parent on Fri, Oct 17, 2008, at 1:06 PM

Michael, I am walking in your footsteps! Have an old phone that won't hold a charge and must find a replacement. Tried to just replace the battery but was counseled that people discarded phones at 18 months to two years. Being pretty unaware of what is new, useful and grand, I decided to take advantage of expertise of the travelers who come through the Bed & Breakfast. About two months ago I began asking business travelers what phone they used, what service they used, what they liked and if they were to replace their existing phone what would they choose. These people rely on their phones to keep their business running, social & business calendar, contact lists, send emails & texts, listen to their favorite tunes, play the latest movie, hold vast documentation for business reference, create contracts and spreadsheets, get directions to their next destination, take pictures of the kids, play games, book a flight, research a question, find a restaurant or place to stay (and many have found Lyons Mansion for overnight stay!) and, oh yes, take & make phone calls. Here are the results of my casual survey:

Blackberry Curve is the most frequently named as absolute favorite. But every single person has said when they replace their Curve it will be the iPhone with AT&T. The guests who have the iPhone love it and will stay with it until something better comes along -- and that could be a while, they tell me. Love the large, rotating screen and easy buttons to access each function. BUT Fort Scott doesn't have a local office representing AT&T phones but guests tell me we get very good reception here. I rather like having a real person to go to for questions or for help so that makes me cautious.

I am very attracted by all the "toys" available but I am trying to analyze what I really want from this little phone. Not sure I really need entertainment, likely just function. Of course I recall when I didn't think I needed a cell phone at all, don't you!! Maybe when I have the toys available I will find them an asset to my life. Meanwhile, I will tuck my book in my purse and watch the movie at home on the big screen or at Fort Cinema. It will be very, very nice to make more than three calls and still have battery power. It would be sweet to be able to make or receive a call when driving past Pleasanton or Garland.

Seeking the perfect phone,

Miss Pat at home In historic Fort Scott

-- Posted by Miss Pat on Mon, Oct 20, 2008, at 8:55 PM

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