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Guest Speaker?

Posted Tuesday, September 23, 2008, at 7:27 PM

I am a recent alumnus of the Pittsburg State Pride of the Plains Marching Band. In fact last year was my final year, I played sousaphone and had a great time. Not only did I play in the band for five years, I also got to march with two of my brothers.

That being said, I received a phone call today asking if I would be the alumnus speaker at this year's Band Banquet in November. I have not yet made my decision and here is why.

I have some issues with the director of the band. He said some things to me that did not make me a happy camper. What was said is not relevant to my decision. I had never had an issue with him until my final semester with the band.

My dilemma lies in the fact that I know I am enough of a man to put that behind me conduct myself in a professional and dignified manner, but I am not looking forward to the possibility of that awkward feeling.

Being ask makes me feel very honored. I had the feeling that while I was there, I was well liked but once I left nobody cared anymore. This sort of makes me feel a little bit better about the situation. I don't know if I was the first choice or not. To be honest, I am honored to be asked.

I told the individual that called me that once they had the date set, then to ask me again. This was for two reasons ... one, I wanted to know so that I would know if I needed to take off of work or not, and two, so that I would have some time to think about it.

I'm looking for advice, what do you think?

Should I accept the invitation and speak at the banquet?


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I will have you know that I have not yet received a phone call telling me what the date is. Thanks for reading and offering your opinion.

-- Posted by FST_Pommier on Tue, Sep 30, 2008, at 2:15 PM

If you have to put this much thought into accepting this honor maybe you should just bow out. I'm sure Whittin found your thoughts interesting. It's sad that you let one semester overshadow the previous 4 1/2 years of your band experience. GO GORILLAS!!!!!!

-- Posted by PSUalum on Wed, Oct 1, 2008, at 2:32 PM


I am leaning toward accepting the invitation, however I have not yet been phoned again. I just thought that maybe I could put my thoughts out there in case anybody else had ever been in the same situation. My previous time was not spoiled. Marching Band was the only thing that I enjoyed more than the game itself. I had an amazing experience that has done many things for me. If it weren't for the marching band, I wouldn't have met my fiance. I appreciate your comments and thank your for responding.

I will see your "GO GORILLAS!!!!!!" and raise you a "Beat Northwest!!!"

-- Posted by FST_Pommier on Wed, Oct 1, 2008, at 6:32 PM

And THOSE are the things that you take back to Pitt and talk about,inspire others. The game wouldn't be the same without the Pride of the Plains Marching Band and that always entertaining student cheering section!!!!

For others that read this, if you have not taken a Saturday afternoon to attend a PSU football game and enjoy some tailgating you need to. It's a great time!!!!!

-- Posted by PSUalum on Thu, Oct 2, 2008, at 8:35 AM

I have to admit that I told people when I left, that I would be back to go to all of the games. I honestly have never really tailgated at a PSU football game. I now live in Nevada and I just can't make it to Pitt all the time.

Remember the game at Arrowhead when there was a group of guys who sang the national anthem before the game and there were fireworks and the whole shootn' match? Well...I was one of those guys singing. That was one of the greatest feelings I have ever felt in my life.

-- Posted by FST_Pommier on Thu, Oct 2, 2008, at 3:36 PM

There are still tickets for Saturday!!! See you there, I'll be there in my red cheering on those Gorillas. I can't wait!!!!!

GO PITT!!!!!! THIS IS THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!

-- Posted by PSUalum on Fri, Oct 3, 2008, at 11:43 AM

Sadly I will be in Springfield with my fiance, didn't you hear about the "White Out" for the game, the football team is requesting that everybody wear white. This will the first game at Arrowhead that I will miss.

-- Posted by FST_Pommier on Fri, Oct 3, 2008, at 12:46 PM

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