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She's an awesome wife

Posted Wednesday, June 3, 2009, at 3:03 PM

June 3, 2006

Three years ago I married the most beautiful bride anyone's ever seen. As a photographer who shoots weddings, I've seen quite a few. My bride, however, takes the cake for looking the best in a wedding dress. She did, in fact, take the cake and smear it in my face...that's how awesome she was then and still is today.

June 3, 2009

Today is our third wedding anniversary. It's pretty remarkable that someone has put up with me for me this long. Counting the years we have dated, we have been a couple for 10 years. Add that up and you get countless fights, a great amount of laughter, numerous odd and exciting meals together, a lot of photos of each other, three different mailing addresses (and soon to be fourth) in three years of marital bliss, hundreds if not thousands of embarrassing moments and all sorts of everything else that happens in 10 years. We've been there for the highs and the lows. And I've not stopped loving her after all of it!

There are things I do that most husbands shouldn't do and yet she still loves me. These include but are not limited to, blowing up toilets, catching mice in our apartment and releasing then releasing them (outdoors of course), chasing tornadoes rather than hide from them, make my wife chocolate chip cookies but eat them (all 3 dozen) before she gets a chance to taste them, watch movies she wants to see without her, etc. etc. etc. Oh and I shouldn't forget that I am currently in the state of Colorado while she is home alone.

So, she's pretty awesome for putting up with me. It's for these reasons I wasn't upset when she literally painted my face with cake and icing on our wedding day. I deserved it for some reason or other.

So today, I wanted to publicly thank her for her awesomeness the past three years of marriage and century of togetherness....

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