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For entertainment purposes only

Posted Sunday, April 29, 2007, at 10:14 PM

Before you read any further, just know that you will not gain any wisdom or insight into this great world by reading this blog. It's simply for enjoyment. And I had writer's block so I just started writing in hopes of getting through that. Unfortunately it didn't work.

For those of you with mp3 devices and music fans. Here is my current list of what's on my iPod. Not that you care. You'll be able to tell that I'm on a bit of a country kick right now. That will change in a month or so. Maybe tomorrow.

Lindsey Haun - Broken

The Fray - How to Save a Life


Taylor Swift's entire album

Kenny Chesney - You Save Me

Keith Urban - Making Memories of Us

Enough of that. On to better things.

I've previously said that photographer Thomas Mangelsen (www.imagesofnature.com) was one of my favorites. Another one, possibly higher on my list but not affordable enough to own one of his prints, is Nick Brandt ( www.nickbrandt.com). Both are utterly amazing wildlife and landscape photographers. Both are an inspiration to me even though I come nowhere close to what they've accomplished. Maybe someday!

For those of you readers who haven't figured it out yet, I'm crazy. Not crazy like I should be thrown in an asylum. Just a bit overboard on some things. Like my fascination with bald eagles. Absolute fanatic am I. But that doesn't need to be discussed further. The photo above was taken on Highway 69 North over the Marmaton River in Fort Scott. My dog and I were driving to the big metropolis of Kansas City when this bird flew 35 feet over my car. WOW! Talk about making my day!

Sorry to leave you wanting for more.

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