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Doggie stereotypes

Posted Wednesday, April 7, 2010, at 12:01 PM

First, hello to the ladies at the Animal Care Center. They've said they miss my blogs.

Second, if I may take a minute or two, I have something I'd like to write about. I guess there's this scene in a movie called "Up" where the humans meet a doggie and the doggie is distracted by a squirrel.

I guess this scene is supposed to be really funny. But I disagree. It perpetuates a stereotype that dogs are easily ---

Hey, human! What's that you're eating? Can I have some? Pleasepleasepleaseplease?


A stereotype that dogs are easily distracted. Seriously, that's so not true. Dogs are the most intelligent of all ---

Human! Are you going outside? Outside? Outside? Can I go? Can I go? Canigocanigocanigo?


Dogs are the most intelligent of all animals. I mean, look at me, fox example. Do you know how hard it is to type with paws? As opposed to how hard it is to type with boxing gloves on? (See, I even made a link! That takes smarts!)

Anyway, this unfortunate stereotype against dogs ---

Hold on a second; that cartoon I linked to is pretty funny. And just how does Strong Bad type with boxing gloves on?

Unfortunate stereotype against dogs ---

What's that cat doing on my lawn?! If I wasn't in this house typing a blog, I'd give you what for! WOOF WOOF WOOF!!!!!

Against dogs needs to be stopped. We are not so easily distracted by anything that comes along ---

What's this on the lawn, now?

Oooooh! Squirrel!

Oh, darn ...

Never mind. See you again soon.

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