Four from Uniontown make 8-man football squads

Friday, November 9, 2012

Four members of Uniontown's football squad have been named to the All-Three Rivers League 8-Man Football Team, one on both offense and defense.

Senior Zak Hueston was named to the First Team as a defensive lineman and to the Honorable Mention list as a center. Senior Garrett Murrow, as a running back, classmate Brenton Esslinger, on the defensive line, and junior Chase Gleason, as a special teams player, were all named to the Honorable Mention list.

The complete lists for both eight-man and 11-man football:


First Team

Center: Paul Schibi, St. Paul.

Guards: Nathan Smart, Marmaton Valley; Jared Kale, Marmaton Valley; Jesse Boone, Crest.

Quarterback: Anthony Diskin, St. Paul.

Tight end: Brock Ellis, Crest (unanimous); Lucas Hamlin, Marmaton Valley.

Receiver: Jordan Morton, Crest.

Running backs: Derrick Cassell, Chetopa (unanimous); Cole Becker, Marmaton Valley; Kyle Hammond, Crest.

Kicker: Lucas Hamlin, Marmaton Valley.

Defensive linemen: Jared Kale, Marmaton Valley; Paul Schibi, St. Paul; Zak Hueston, Uniontown.

Linebackers: Cole Becker, Marmaton Valley; Kyle Hammond, Crest; Clayton Miller; Crest.

Defensive backs: Daylen Houk, Marmaton Valley; Anthony Diskin, St. Paul; Jordan Morton, Crest.

Punter: Riley O'Brien, St. Paul.

Special teams: Kyle Hammond, Crest.

Honorable Mention

Center: Lane Hamm, Marmaton Valley; Zak Hueston, Uniontown.

Guards: Keaton McCracken, St. Paul; Justin Winter, St. Paul; Kyle Johnson, Chetopa.

Quarterback: Ryan Smith, Marmaton Valley.

Tight end: Jake O'Brien, St. Paul; Brayden Beachner, St. Paul; Austin Oberlechner, Pleasanton.

Receiver: Austin Sanders, Chetopa.

Running backs: Daylen Houk, Marmaton Valley; Alex McCracken, St. Paul; Riley O'Brien, St. Paul; Dylan Sedak, Crest; Garrett Murrow, Uniontown.

Kicker: Dylan Sedak, Crest.

Defensive linemen: Nathan Smart, Marmaton Valley; Lucas Hamiln, Marmaton Valley; Justin Winter, St. Paul; Jesse Boone, Crest; Landon Stephens, Crest; Joshua Dvorak, Chetopa; Brenton Esslinger, Uniontown.

Linebackers: Jimmy Frye, Marmaton Valley; Sage Hall, Marmaton Valley; Brayden Beachner, St. Paul; Preston Jacquinot, St. Paul; Kyle Johnson, Chetopa; Derrick Cassell, Chetopa.

Defensive backs: Ryan Smith, Marmaton Valley; Riley O'Brien, St. Paul; Dylan Sedak, Crest; Brady Anderson, Pleasanton.

Punter: Kyle Hammond, Crest.

Special teams: Daylen Houk, Marmaton Valley; Chase Gleason, Uniontown; Jordan Morton, Crest.


First Team

Centers: Ryan Walker, Oswego; Levi Jackson, Jayhawk-Linn.

Guards: Eban Green, Oswego; Adam Higginbotham, Jayhawk-Linn.

Tackles: Jordan Dennison, Oswego; Sam Brooks, Northeast

Quarterback: Ethan Spore, Oswego.

Tight end: Jake Grimes, Jayhawk-Linn.

Receivers: Brant Yeoman, Oswego; Nick Younge, Northeast.

Running backs: Weston Eckerman, Oswego; Austin Coleman, Jayhawk-Linn; Antonio Slinguff, Northeast.

Kicker: Mike Beasley, Northeast.

Defensive tackles: Jeremy Bates, oswego; Adam Higginbotham, Jayhawk-Linn.

Defensive ends: Ethan Elliott, Oswego; Travis Schenker, Oswego.

Linebackers: Eban Green, Oswego; Ethan Spore, Oswego; Levi Jackson, Northeast; Antonio Slinguff, Northeast.

Defensive backs: Mason Carter, Oswego; Brant Yeoman, Oswego; Nick Younge, Northeast.

Punter: Austin Coleman, Jayhawk-Linn.

Special teams: Bryce Anderson, Oswego

Honorable Mention

Center: No selections.

Guards: Ethan Elliott, Oswego; Aaron Beisiegel, Jayhawk-Linn.

Tackles: Gus Tomlinson, Oswego; Dakota Gesslein, Northeast.

Quarterback: J.T. Richardson, Northeast.

Tight end: No selections.

Receiver: Mason Carter, Oswego; Kegan Willard, Northeast.

Running backs: No selections.

Kicker: No selections.

Defensive tackles: Zach Scott, Oswego.

Defensive ends: No selections.

Linebackers: Bryce Anderson, Oswego; Killian Willard, Northeast.

Defensive backs: Austin Coleman, Jayhawk-Linn; J.T. Richardson, Northeast.

Punter: Killian Willard, Northeast.

Special teams: Cody Burlingham, Northeast.