Norris named to state chamber

Wednesday, May 30, 2012



Tonight at the Y.M.C.A. there will be a bowling tournament between Fort Scott, Pittsburg, Wichita, Hutchinson and Topeka. None of the out-of-town teams will actually come to Fort Scott. At the same time all the teams will bowl, and at the conclusion the scores will be telegraphed around. This is a new method, wherein several teams can bowl together and not go to the expense of making the trip.

George Burkholder has had his popcorn stand moved to the vacant lot on Main Street, just north of the Bargain Center, and is now open for business. Mr. Burkholder, for many years, had a stand at the corner of Wall and Main streets. The new place will give him an excellent location.

The new Hopper Building on Main Street is nearing completion and Drs. Hopper and Newman will move their offices there this week. Other of the apartments have been leased.



BLUE MOUND -- Mrs. Frank Patterson held open house with a flower and antique display. Members of the Banner Club, Jolly Sewing Circle, Sunflower Club and Ladies Adavance Club were special guests. The guests were taken on a tour. Mrs. Patterson has one of the finest flower and cactus gardens in Linn County. The cactus bed has about 75 varieties gathered from all over the western states and Old Mexico.

Promotional Exercises for the graduates of the Plaza Junior High School will be held tonight at the building. The eighth grade students will be holding candles for the graduates. Musical numbers will be given by the junior high school glee club directed by Miss Fay Finley.

The Post Office has on sale the 5-cent commemorative stamps for the national defense forces, one for the army and one for the navy. These may be used the same as any other stamps for the carrying of parcels or heavy envelopes by mail.

Save on every item on your food list at A.W. Karbe -- all kinds of bread, 3 loaves for 25 cents; Post Toasties, large pkg. 20 cents; baking chocolate. two 1/2 lb. bars 25 cents; bananas, 4 lbs. 19 cents.



William L. Norris, owner of Norris Plumbing, Heating and Electric, has been named to serve on the State Chamber of Commerce Industrial Development Council. One other person from Fort Scott is serving in a state Chamber position. Francis Myers is a state director.

Private E-2 Thomas E. Rohrer, 17 year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Rohrer of Fort Scott, left for overseas duty April 12 on the U.S. Naval Ship General Alexander M. Patch. He arrived April 20 at Bremeraven, Germany, and is stationed at Vatary Army Air Force Base.

PLEASANTON--The local National Guard Unit will observe Armed Forces Day Sunday with open house at the Armory. The public is cordially invited to view the equipment.



Photo caption: "Frank Atkins, a member of the Jaycees major league baseball team, waits on a pitch in ball practice at Fisher Park."-- Photo by John Lechliter

The Sixth annual Good Ol' Days celebration will kick off with a parade at 6 p.m. June 5 beginning at Fort Scott High School. Carolyn Sinn, parade coordinator, announced that Milton and Frances Kohrs have a combined experience of 87 years in the public schools in Kansas. Mr. Kohrs came to Fort Scott in 1958 as a vocational agriculture instructor at Fort Scott High School and taught there until he retired in 1975. Mrs. Kohrs started teaching in the Fort Scott area in 1959, first at Hammond, then Bunker Hill, and retired as kindergarten teacher from Winfield Scott Elementary School in 1985.