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Letters to the Editor

Friday, July 29, 2011

To the Editor:

This is in follow-up to the letter posted in the July 12 Fort Scott Tribune.

Many of you had interesting comments, verbally and via posting to the article. I thank you all for the feedback, both positive and negative.

That letter was simply my opinion and facts, or lack thereof, provided by the middle school and board office. I did follow what I thought to be the chain of command in contacting the board office and the school I was referred to by Mr. Werling. I gave ample time for a response (approximately six weeks), then followed up with what you read.

I've already addressed why I took this step. Now, to the individual who pointed out the Fort Scott Community College Board, thank you. But are we not comparing apples to oranges? Yes, while both are fruits, they are totally different. My inquiry was regarding Bourbon County and USD 234. As I recall when attending FSCC, there were students not only from Fort Scott, but also from Miami, Chicago, Tampa and so on.

It was also stated "in not so many words" that I should not have an opinion of Fort Scott, since I lived in Katy, Texas. Well to clarify that, I was not only a resident of Fort Scott for 30-plus years, I also graduated from FSHS and FSCC and had children in the school system. So I feel that qualifies me to give "my opinion."

If you recall, I made no mention of names of prospective teachers, and furthermore hope that my inquiries have no adverse effects on the individuals applying for or keeping positions they already have.

I would hope that my "questioning the system" will assist people of all races (in getting) positions that they are qualified for, and if nothing else, make everyone aware that there is a problem that needs some immediate attention so the city can grow and all individuals involved can prosper.

Again, thank you and I wish you all well.

Lori Woods

Katy, Texas

To the Editor:

I had the privilege as Kansas State Cal Ripken Baseball Commissioner of being a part of the just completed 9 and Under Cal Ripken State Tournament of Champions in Fort Scott. The tournament featured Cal Ripken district baseball championship teams from across the state of Kansas. Eight teams in the 11-year-old division of Cal Ripken Baseball were vying for the state championship.

The tournament committee, under the direction of Tom Robertson, did an excellent job of conducting an exciting and fair tournament. Tom, his tournament committee and many volunteers are to be commended for their commitment to conducting an outstanding tournament. Not only was baseball in the spotlight during the five-day event, but sportsmanship and team play were promoted throughout. It was evident that all who participated and attended this event had a good time, witnessed some excellent baseball and left Fort Scott with fond memories.

A big thanks to Dusty Drake for his professional game announcing and appropriate music selection. The grounds crew did an extraordinary job as they kept the field in excellent condition through the very hot daytime temperatures and the ball players supplied with all the necessary water and ice in each dugout.

The city of Fort Scott can be proud of their Babe Ruth and Cal Ripken baseball programs. Their reputation for providing a quality baseball program for their youth is well known. Putting on a youth tournament such as the one we just experienced, as well as running a fair and complete baseball program, takes time and effort. It is evident that investments are being made in the youth of your community and they are paying great dividends.

Thanks Fort Scott, for a great event. Thanks again Tom, for all you do for Cal Ripken Baseball and the kids of Fort Scott!

Paul Unrau

Kansas State Commissioner

Cal Ripken Baseball