Letter to the Editor

A plea for Huckabee

Thursday, February 7, 2008

To the Editor,

At 43 years of age, a man from Hope, Ark. became a two-term, Republican governor in a heavily Democrat state, and with 40 percent of the black vote. His Democrat predecessor left behind a $200 million state debt, but the man from Hope left behind an $800 million surplus.

Arkansas schools ranked eighth at his term's end, up from 48th nationwide. Truckers magazine rated Arkansas roads as some of our nation's worst, but they became some of the nation's best with 40,000 new jobs added during his tenure. He signed the "Property Tax Payer's Bill of Rights" and reduced welfare rolls by half. With a lopsided Democrat legislature, he balanced the state budget each year of his two terms. He chaired the National Governor's Association and the Education Commission of States, and Time magazine named him among the five most effective governors nationwide. He's the only presidential candidate, thus far, to sign the "Numbers USA: No Amnesty Pledge."

He is Reaganesque in his communication skills and do note that Reagan, in his first year as California's governor, raised taxes more than $1 billion. The man from Hope oversaw a tax increase to repair roads and improve schools, but taxes were also cut 90 times during his governance. Unlike current COP contender John McCain, Reagan was not the Republican establishment's choice for president. However, Reagan became the people's choice. Check out the people's man from Hope. go to www.mikehuckabee.com and consider helping the 44th governor of Arkansas become our 44th U.S. President.

Carolyn Simms

Republic, Kan.