Arcadia Area News

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

On Dec. 11, Santa Claus arrived at the Autumn Leaves Senior Citizens meeting with bundles of food, a camera, pot full of noodles, cranberry sauce and a decorated cake to celebrate the birthday of secretary Mary V. Shead. All sang as she blew out 88 candles.

The special guest that day was Emma Hartzfeld from Arma who for several years baked the turkey and hams for the special dinners when she lived in Arcadia six years ago.

The menu this day that fed the l3 present was plentiful and healthful and a sweet to finish the meal.

Richette Shireman, RN, head of Hospital District No. 1 in Girard came to give flu shots for those who desired. In January the regular aide will come for blood pressure and sugar counts.

Before the short business meeting, a gift exchange was held in keeping with the Christmas season and each had his or her picture taken with Santa Claus, alias Ernestine Berkey.

President Carole Garrison led the Lord's Prayer and pledge to the flag. Blessing by Mary V. Shead. Helen Sisney read the story of the Candy Canes, Mary V. told of reindeer; Mary Lee Payne had a Christmas poem and Carole told how Santa works for Jesus.

Santa's husband, Forrest Berkey, works at City Hall and came for dinner. Greg Sisney, also city employee was pouring cement, so he had a carry-out dinner. Others present were Bob Cavin, Lilly and Jerry Coonrod, Jack Payne and Betty Dehn.

The friendly discussions for the day included nickel cokes, $l worth of gasoline, Starbuck's $3 cups coffee and coins being counted by machine.

The meeting closed with Mizpah Benediction and happy people returned to their homes with their gifts. Santa delivered two carry-out dinners to Jim Jarkoski and Walter Foulk as a kind gesture with Christmas spirit.

On Dec. 9, Carrington Place in Pittsburg held Open House and invited relatives and friends of residents to enjoy Christmas dinner and fellowship with them. Those who attended on behalf of Medg Bright, formerly of Arcadia, were her daughter Mary Jo McKenny and her husband Mr. McKenny from Camdenton, Mo., Billie Sue O'Dell, Arcadia, Connie Morelli from Pittsburg and Emma Hartzfeld, Arma.

Saturday evening, Dec. 16, Jerry and Lilly Coonrod honored their neighbors, Jim and Donna Kunzler with dinner at Chicken Annie's in Girard.

David Peterson, pastor of Arcadia Christian Church, now living in the parsonage on Race Street has been hired as Postmaster Relief for Kathy Shaeffer, postmaster in Arcadia. He took training in both the Fort Scott and Arcadia Post Offices the past weeks and was on duty, Saturday morning, Dec. 16 in Arcadia.

A full house attended the Christmas program given by children and adults of the Open Door Mission on Sunday evening, Dec. 17. The program was MC'd by Pastor Roy Widmar. Devotions were read by the children and adults. The bell ringers played to the tune of "Joy To The World." A vocal solo and piano solo and duets, as well as the skits, were enjoyed. The wise men, shepherds and angels left gifts for the baby Jesus and wished the audience a very merry Christmas. Each one present was presented a gift of fruit and candies by the cast as they were congratulated on a job well done. They invite folks to go caroling with them on Wednesday, Dec. 20.

The birthday song was sung on recent Sundays to honor the following people Reece and Melissa Due, Brent Zeller, Bob Adams and Mary V. Shead. Jenna Camp of Pittsburg was special guest in Sunday school class on Dec. l7. The teachers are Jace and Jess Pavlik.

Jace spoke to the congregation on Sunday morning telling about their attending the National Missionary Convention along with many from Ozark Christian College including Pastor David Peterson.

Lorraine Bean Stark of Clinton, Mich. visited relatives in Joplin and dropped by to visit her friends, Clay Carrington and Lorene Gibson in Arcadia.

The annual dinner meeting of the faculty and spouses of Christian Heights School in Fort Scott was held in Jim's Steakhouse in Pittsburg on Friday evening Dec. 15. The group then went to the farm home of 5-6th grade teacher, Vickie and Larry Shead where they played games including a talent show.

Lou and Betty Dehn attended the Pitt Plastics Annual Christmas Party held in Pittsburg on Saturday evening, Dec. 9. It was well attended by the workers including those from Arcadia who are employed there.

During the time that Santa Claus was greeting children and adults in Community Center in Arcadia on Saturday evening, Dec. 16, the fire whistle blew. The Fire Chief Sam Haskew quickly drove to Drake Street in the fire truck that had brought Santa downtown. All were thankful it was a smoking motor and not a blazing fire.

One-hundred-twenty sacks of candy were packed for Santa to give to each as the kids told him their wishes for Christmas gifts. Pictures were taken throughout the evening as adults as well as children enjoyed the hot cocoa, cookies and coffee. Santa later delivered treats to shut-ins who did not make it downtown that evening. Much credit goes to Edith Bridgewater and her Santa son, Bill, and their relatives and friends who gave to the cause.