Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Editor's Note: This letter was written in by two separate people and both signed their section.

To the Editor:

In June 2012, the Bourbon County Jail removed an inspirational Christian man from coming and offering spiritual guidance to inmates.

He let them know that they have a better life through God. He could relate to the inmates who gave me, as a former inmate, the knowledge of God and His love for me.

When Trevor Jacobs would come speak, the way he told us about the Lord and how the Lord could strengthen us to overcome past hurts and bad habits.

Some inmates don't have any family on the outside and it's pretty much hopeless for change behind the walls.

Having Trevor come and give God's word to us was what few of us inmates couldn't wait for. He, too, had chosen a wrong path in life and to see God working through Trevor to us gave us faith in God for a better tomorrow. Those inmates who didn't have anyone knew they could reach out to Trevor, not only as a servant of the Lord, but also a better influenced friend. Now they don't get that anymore.

When a friend is there to help another, what's so wrong with that? Trevor Jacobs is the perfect example (of) living the bad and turning his life over to God and his will for the inmates while we live in this sinful, chaotic world. I myself saw not only a better Christian life, but also a better life without doing things to end up back in jail or possibly dead. The inmates need a positive influence and even the ones who have family and friends might also need a Christian influence and friend.

Samantha Fowler

Fort Scott

My daughter was incarcerated in March and spent 77 days in jail. Without the help of Trevor Jacobs and the CR Bible she was given, I know that she would not have had the courage to change her life.

With Trevor there to encourage her, she completely changed her life around. I cannot thank Trevor enough for getting her back on the right track. As an inspirational Christian man, Trevor has touched many lives. The inmates looked forward to him coming to the jail every Sunday morning to give them another message from God. If they had questions, he answered them.

He also helped them as a friend. His family has bought Christmas presents for another inmate's child, diapers for a baby of another inmate and many other numerous things.

He has now been told he can't come back because he was coming too close to the inmates and their families. These inmates need positive influences in their lives. How sad to think that this has been taken away from them. Trevor Jacobs has a program every Sunday morning at 8 a.m. on 103.9 and our local Channel 3.

Carla Fowler

Fort Scott