Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

To the Editor:

Exach year, the Fort Scott Chapter of Kansans for Life sponsors the local Life chain joining hundreds of thousands of people across America (and in other countries) for one hour on the first Sunday in October in support of the most defenseless members of our society, the preborn. This year is no different.

We invite the community to take a stand with us on Sunday, Oct. 2. Participants will meet at First Southern Baptist Church on South Highway 69 at 1:30 p.m. At 2 p.m. everyone will select a pre-printed sign and as a group move across the highway to line up along the east side. Participants unable to stand for an hour should bring lawn chairs.

Technology now allows a mother to see her child growing and moving within her womb. Go to http://www.fetalvisionimaging.com/. Look at the before and after birth pictures. You will see amazing pictures of children before and after they were born.

How can we, human beings who have all been given the blessing of life, deny that same right to a precious little child? The absolute truth is that abortion is total destruction of a human life, painful and atrocious.

Remember a "catch phrase" of the abortion industry years ago? It's not a baby, it's just "a mass of tissue." Planned Parenthood earned millions of dollars using rhetoric such as that. (It still receives massive amounts of your tax dollars. Abortion is a multi-million-dollar industry.) That certainly has been proven untrue much to the dismay f the industry that profits hugely from abortion. The unborn baby does feel pain. There are other options to abortion.

There is help for women who feel the sadness and pain after aborting their children. There are so many resources available to women finding themselves in a crisis pregnancy.

A good place to start would be to simply go to this site: http://www.womansrighttoknow.org/download/Director of Services_English.pdf, as well as http://www.womansrighttoknow.org/.

As we see those in our federal government disrespecting life -- the unborn, the disabled, the elderly -- please, more than ever it is important for those of us who love life -- all life -- to take a stand. Be involved in the fight to save unborn Americans. As the population of this nation ages and respect for the disabled and elderly continues to diminish (i.e., assisted suicide, "mercy" deaths, rationed health care -- which is closer than one might think), maybe one of those unborn babies will help save will someday save your life!

Please, take just one hour from your own life to bring to the public's attention that many Americans are not given even that one hour of life. Each hour, nearly 150 unborn babies will die in America due to abortion. Make a difference.

Dara Leaming