Letter to the Editor

We will vote "YES" For Proposition S

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dear Editor,

We have two children, one child in the third grade and one who is 1 year old who will attend NEVC when he reaches school age. Our experience with the school has been a very positive experience. Our daughter has scored well above average on the national Terra Nova test (upper 99 percent in the nation) and has also been the winner of the spelling bee for the GVVC conference. Her great achievements are a tribute to her hard work ethic and her teachers at the NEVC School who have helped her exceed her goals. We have seen teachers go above and beyond for the students attending this school. We are proud to say that NEVC has some of the best faculty around.

We believe in the future of this community and the doors of opportunity that we believe could be opened with the passage of Proposition S. We love the community that we live in. We also pay our fair share in taxes. We like to see things kept local. Our thoughts, though not shared by everyone, are to pay more in taxes for smaller size classrooms, the small student to teacher ratio, and the education that a small school can provide. We both take this stance because we graduated from small schools.

Roger, class of 1997 NEVC, and Jenny, class of 1997 Rich Hill High School.

Our vote will be a proud Yes for Proposition S.

Roger and Jenny Dade Jr.