Burnt-out buildings an eyesore

Friday, October 13, 2006

To the Editor,

Everybody I talk to is sick and tired of looking at those burned up, ugly and dangerous looking shells downtown the city calls historic buildings worthy of saving.

To believe these ruins could ever inspire any feelings of nostalgia now or in the future in anyone is ludicrous.To advertise them on eBay as restorable buildings in a vibrant community is absurd.

The only way they accurately reflect the history of this county is that they now appear to represent the current state of stagnation of our local economy and possibly the very management of our city.

Yes, these are harsh words, and I believe if it was a put to a popular vote among the people, the majority would favor tearing these eyesores down.

I believe the majority of the people in our communities want progress. We must be progressive people in this community, led by progressive leaders, or we will surely wither away into a whole downtown of empty shells.

To be sure, some new buildings have been built and new public works projects are being undertaken, but how many new jobs are being created? Is our population growing or declining?

This is the real measure of a healthy and vibrant community.

My last question is how are we going to pay for all these recent and future public works projects if we don't increase our population or create new jobs?

Continually increasing taxes on us citizens, especially those just entering the work force who cannot find gainful employment, can hardly be called progressive. As they leave to find work elsewhere, the burden is left more and more to the elderly and poor, who have no place to go.

This is how communities like ours die, leaving burned up shells as monuments to ourselves for the rest of the world to see.

I hope you see now why these buildings need to be razed.

Daniel Doherty