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Hoping for the crash and burn

Posted Wednesday, August 6, 2008, at 11:35 PM

Great, he's a Jet now. Can he just go away?

Brett Favre has tarnished his reputation forever in my mind. He had an almost-perfect ending to his storied career and then he decided to be wishy-washy about his retirement.

My respect for him is gone. I now have a desire to see him throw twice as many interceptions as touchdowns and lose his starting job after a poor performance against the Rams in Week 10.

When it happens, I will laugh. I will throw out 10,000 "I told you so"s. I will root for Chad Pennington (provided he's not traded himself) to step in and beat the Patriots in Week 11 and squeak the Jets into the playoffs at 9-7 with a 4-2 finish, giving "Gang Green" the playoff berth they thought Favre will lead them to.

Heck, a wild-card round win wouldn't be too bad, either. Then Favre can retire the way he deserves to: as a bench player nobody has a need for anymore.

Bitter? Yes. Packer fan? No. Just an angry football fan.

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As irked as I am with him for being, as you stated, wishy-washy, I still look forward to watching him on the field (if he ever gets there)... He's a CUTIE! ;-)

-- Posted by H DeAntoni Adv Rep. FS Tribune on Thu, Aug 7, 2008, at 1:15 PM

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