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If I had special mommy powers...

Posted Wednesday, November 12, 2008, at 9:32 PM

Ok, so today I was busy trying to clean my house, organize my kid's clothes ( I never should have bought them that many) and trying to take care of my daughter and my son, both of which have been sick. My son was especially cranky because he was up all night with a fever and just isn't getting well as fast as his sister. While doing all of this, both kids started crying at the same time. That always seems to happen to me. Both kids will be fine and just when I really am really starting to get things done, they wake up from nap or both need something. It got me thinking on a few things I think mommy's need.

1. REMOTE CONTROL FOR LIFE: This would really be handy, I could rewind when I accidentally say something I don't want my son, who is a sponge lately, to repeat. I could also fast forward my son's tantrums.

2. SNOOZE BUTTON: To be honest, some days I just wish my son would want to sleep in as much as I do. I get home from work and to bed by 1 and it never fails, that's the day my kids decide that at 6 a.m., it's time to be awake.

3. INVISIBLE PLASTIC BUBBLES OF SAFETY: Why is it that children don't come with these? Especially boys? Because no matter how many times I tell my son "No, don't do that, It's going to hurt I promise", he's still going to do it. For some reason, stacking things dangerously and then jumping off of them just seems like a good idea to him.

4. Can I make an addition to the remote control? It so needs a mute button, that way, when I'm in the middle of the store and my son is having a meltdown, I can press mute and no one hears it and assumes I MUST BE MISTREATING HIM. I mean, why else would a two year old cry?

5. SHOPPING CARTS WITH A 5 POINT HARNESS: Does Walmart really think that little belt is going to hold my son in?

6. OUTDOOR THERMOSTAT: When it's too hot or too cold, I wish there was a button to push and presto! Perfect temperature for playing outside. Maybe even clear up the rain or snow too, because I'm dreading trying to entertain my son on bad weather winter days.

7. FORCEFIELDS: Forcefields would be great to keep my son from running off when I'm putting the baby in the car and maybe one to keep him from being able to throw food while we're at it.

8. INSTANT PAIN BE GONE: I wish there was a way to make the pain from scrapes and splinters and everything to disappear instantly.

9. BABY ITEM GPS: I can't count how many times I have been dashing about trying to find the missing horsie, blankie, bottle... whatever was missing in enough time that my child doesn't go into crisis mode over the missing item.

10. MAGIC WAND: Oh how handy it would be to make an empty bottle full ( No getting up in the night! ) and to make a dirty house clean, all with just the flick of a wand of course!

I know, I know.... keep dreaming. They can invent light's that turn on with the clap of a hand and cars that tell you how to get where you need to go, it just doesn't seem fair that they can't create a few handy magical fixers for mommies everywhere.

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LOL you can tell you are a parent, as am I....love number 2. My kids have it backwards. Up late during school days and up early during weekends :)

-- Posted by farmspice on Fri, Nov 14, 2008, at 2:30 AM

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