Eagle athletes well represented on All-TRL teams

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Nine players were picked in 12 spots as Uniontown High School was well-represented on the All Three-Rivers Eight-Man Football Team.

The Eagles, who finished in second place in the eight-man division to Chetopa, trailed only the Green Hornets in honors. Chetopa had 12 players slected for 20 spots.

Uniontown had two players chosen to the First Team unanimously. Chase Geason was named at tight end by every league coach and John Reed was picked by all at one of the linebacker spots.

Also selected to First Team positions were James Pearson on the offensive line, Montana Beerbower on the defensive line, Gleason as a defensive back and Reed at linebacker.

Honorable Mention went to Beerbower on the offensive line, Jacob Duffey at quarterback, Cole Schafer at running back, Zach Schwalm at center, Tyler Johns on the defensive line and Skyler Riley as a special teams player.

Senior Britney Stokes was the only Eagle picked for the First Team on the All-TRL Volleyball Team but three of her teammates were picked for the other lists.

All six members of the First Team were unanimous selections.

Senior Mandie Ridge was picked to the Second Team while classmates Hannah Travis and Emily Shinn were named to the Honorable Mention list.



First Team

Center: Chisom Cloud, Chetopa.

Offensive linemen: Dylan Gainer, Chetopa; James Pearson, Uniontown.

Quarterback: Phillip Moses, Chetopa (unanimous).

Tight end: Chase Gleason, Uniontown (unanimous); Leyton Carter, Chetopa.

Receiver: Austen Sanders, Chetopa (unanimous).

Running backs: Derrick Cassell, Chetopa (unanimous); John Reed, Uniontown; Brady Anderson, Pleasanton; Billy Brown, St. Paul.

Kicker: Blake Clayborn, Chetopa.

Defensive linemen: Austin Obleckner, Pleasanton; Montana Beerbower, Uniontown; Brice Riddle, Chetopa; Dylan Gainer, Chetopa; Derrick Cassell, Chetopa.

Linebackers: John Reed, Uniontown (unanimous); Preston Jacquinot, St. Paul; Clayton Miller, Crest.

Defensive backs: Austin Green, Crest; Brady Anderson, Pleasanton; Chase Gleason, Uniontown.

Punter: Dylan Gainer, Chetopa (unanimous).

Special teams player: Zach Wickham, Chetopa (unanimous).

Honorable Mention

Center: Zach Schwalm, Uniontown; Dalton Schrum, Pleasanton.

Offensive linemen: Tyler Stein, St. Paul; Montana Beerbower, Uniontown; Brice Riddle, Chetopa.

Quarterback: Jacob Duffey, Uniontown.

Tight end: Alex McCracken, St. Paul; Dylan Riddle, Chetopa.

Receiver: Matt Bauer, Pleasanton.

Running backs: Preston Jacquinot, St. Paul; Cole Schafer, Uniontown; Trenton Scott, Chetopa.

Kicker: Brice Riddle, Chetopa; Renee Rodriquiz, Crest.

Defensive linemen: Sage Hall, Marmaton Valley; Patrick O'Brien, St. Paul; Tyler Johns, Uniontown.

Linebackers: John Epps, Pleasanton; Trenton Scott, Chetopa; Dylan Riddle, Chetopa.

Defensive backs: Billy Brown, St. Paul; Austin Sanders, Chetopa; Alex Carter, Chetopa.

Special teams player: Skyler Riley, Uniontown.


First Team

Jayhawk-Linn: Carly Jackson, Sr.

Marmaton Valley: Mackenzie Tynon, Soph.

Pleasanton: Sydney Dent, Soph.

St. Paul: Savannah Smith, Sr.; Camri Burke, Sr.

Uniontown: Britney Stokes, Sr.

Second Team

Chetopa: Emily Johnson, Jr.

Crest: Emily Frank, Sr.

Jayhawk-Linn: Brileigh Ware, Sr.

Northeast: Morgan Maransani, Sr.

Oswego: Kaelyn Yeoman, Jr.

Uniontown: Mandie Ridge, Sr.

Honorable Mention

Chetopa: Kaylie Brady, Jr.

Crest: Paige Tush, Sr.

Jayhawk-Linn: Ashtynn Miller, Sr.; Brianna Bogan, Jr.

Marmaton Valley: Kaitlin Ensminger, Sr.; Tapanga Turner, Sr.

Northeast: Toni Zibert, Sr.

Oswego: Bailee Irwin, Sr.; Ashton Eckerman, Sr.

Pleasanton: Darcy Ellis, Jr.; Autumn Secrest, Sr.

St. Paul: Jordyn Tuck, Soph.; Josie Albertini, Soph.

Uniontown: Hannah Travis, Sr.; Emily Shinn, Sr.