City picks up tons of trash

Friday, May 18, 2012

About 82 tons worth of items were collected during the recent sixth annual citywide "Spring Cleanup" program, according to information from Fort Scott Public Works Director Eric Bailey.

Bailey reported on the success of the two-week program and provided final figures associated with the project to the Fort Scott City Commission during their Tuesday meeting.

Sixth Street was the dividing point for city crews as they worked to pick up unwanted household items placed on curbs such as appliances, metal items, furniture, televisions, brush and limbs, mattresses, pianos, lumber and carpet.

Bailey said the city's new mini excavator was very helpful in hauling heavy mattresses, couches and other items that had become soaked due to rain that fell during the program.

The information provided by Bailey said 14 city employees worked 447 total hours and were paid $6,806 in wages during the program. A total of 447 equipment hours and $17,846 in equipment costs were reported.

Bailey said the total figures averaged out to $3.13 per person in the community.

The one-time only pick-up service was offered for residents free of charge.

2012 Spring Clean-up totals:

Number of employees: 14

Employee hours: 447

Wages paid: $6,806.32

Equipment hours: 447

Equipment cost: $17,846

Pounds south of Sixth Street: 42,680

Tons south of Sixth Street: 21.34

Total cost at landfill south of Sixth Street: $176.52

Scrap Metal Sold South of Sixth Street: $130

Pounds north of Sixth Street: 121,220

Tons north of Sixth Street: 60.61

Total cost at landfill north of Sixth Street: $476.29

Scrap metal sold north of Sixth Street: $154

Equipment, labor and landfill cost minus scrap metal sold:

Total pounds: 163,900

Total tons: 81.95

Total cost: $25,021.13

Landfill cost minus scrap metal sold:

Total pounds: 163,900

Total tons: 81.95

Landfill cost: $652.81

Scrap metal sold: $284

Total cost: $368.81