Woodland Hills golf course update

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Welcome to golf season. As the season gears up we want to update you on the things that we have completed at the course and let you know what exciting things are happening this season.

Since the city bought the course around this time last year, we have been working hard to make it the best municipal course in the area. The city, along with a commission appointed advisory board, has been making improvements to get the course back on track starting with the hiring of a new course manager, Jon Kindlesparger, who has many years of experience in course management.

Our No. 1 priority has been the repair and upkeep of the greens. Our greens are going to be one of the strong points of the course. We are making this happen by paying them much attention in shaping, planting, and re-sodding, as well as by investing in Zoysia grass collars for each green.

We are also taking steps to ensure that our traditionally "problem" greens are better maintained by installing fans for increased air flow to ensure even grass growth. We are also working to ensure the rest of the course sees improvement, including sand trap restoration and reclamation.

Thanks to improvement funds secured as part of the purchase of the course, we were able to install $62,000 worth of cart paths, over one mile. This allows cart-path-only play during all types of weather. Additionally, asphalt shavings will be used in areas absent of concrete paths where mud or dust has been a problem in the past.

We have also made sure the other amenities offered at the course are improved as well. Working with USD 234, we resurfaced the tennis courts and added lighting for night play.

We also moved Jill Schafer, our financial operations coordinator, from her office at City Hall to an office at the Clubhouse. In order to have maximum efficiency at the course, Jill does her work for the finance department as well as managing the clubhouse activities.

While 12 holes have been open since last year, all 18 holes will be open and better than ever for the bulk of this golf season. The final holes will open in the near future to support our league play and the numerous outings and tournaments we have scheduled. If you'd like to join a league or schedule an outing, call the clubhouse for more information.

None of this would have been possible without the support of the community. Some $225,000 of private funding was raised to help the city purchase and run the course. This, along with the generous support of the Bourbon County Commission, saved the Fort Scott golf course and continues to support its improvement.

These superb donors and all those in the community who have supported the golf course will be publicly recognized at the May 22 Chamber of Commerce After Hours event at Woodland Hills Golf Course. If you would like to be a part of supporting the golf course, please contact Steve Buerge or Dave Shepherd.

If you would like more information on Woodland Hills Golf Course, or to purchase a membership, call the clubhouse at (620) 223-5060 or check out our Facebook page. We look forward to golfing with you this season.