County bridge project set back by weather

Tuesday, June 3, 2008
Rayma Silvers/Tribune Photo A gaping hole now occupies the space where a new seven foot tall galvanized pipe once resided. The pipe, which was washed away during Saturday's thunderstorms, was put into place by Bourbon County road crews in an effort to raise the existing low-water bridge.

By Rayma Silvers

The Fort Scott Tribune

A round of severe thunderstorms which moved through the area Saturday night washed away a month's worth of labor.

Members of the Bourbon County road crew worked diligently for about a month reconstructing and raising a low water bridge located just past 255th Street on Limestone Road. After adding one seven foot tall galvanized pipe and one 48 inch tall pipe to the bridge area, the road workers began building a new crossing over the top of the creek.

However, before the crew could completely finish the new bridge, more rain began to fall. Although the sporadic rain showers delayed the bridges completion, road crews were nearly finished with the project. Unfortunately, Saturday's thunderstorms, which drenched the local area with four or five inches of rain in about two hours, according to Bourbon County Commissioner Bill Brittain, completely wiped the new bridge out. The rushing waters carried the seven foot tall galvanized pipe about three or four yards away from the bridge.

Brittain said as soon as the rains cease and the ground dries a little bit, Bourbon County Public Works employee Clyde Killion and his crew will return to the Limestone Road and once again begin construction on a new bridge. As an extra precaution, Brittain said, the road crew will use a small amount of concrete to hold the new pipes in place while construction is being completed.

Brittain said, the many waves of rain which have pelted the area has held up road work progress.

"The rain has really played havoc on Bourbon County," Brittain said. "It's put us way behind. We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused residents who live on county roads. The weather is just not cooperating this year."