Memories spring eternal ...

Friday, April 11, 2008



City Clerk Brown wants to see the alley near Odd Fellows Hall cleaned up before the Odd Fellow meeting, the 25th. The alley there is a dumping ground for a festering lot of accumulations and the clerk wants the place cleaned as, the hundreds of visitors who will be here for the reunion, will have to pass by this place many times.

Yesterday afternoon at a little after 3 o'clock at the Mercy Hospital, occurred the death of Mrs. C. Bollinger. She had been taken there for an operation. Mrs. Bollinger was born in Baden, Germany, July 18, 1874. She came to Kansas with her husband and settled on a farm near Walkertown, where the family lived till about two years ago when they moved to this city. She leaves her husband and five children. The funeral will be tomorrow at the Catholic church. The remains will be laid to rest in the Catholic cemetery.

The rain of the past week, for it has rained daily since Sunday, has thoroughly soaked the earth. The ground is moistened to a considerable depth and there is now a sufficient water supply to run for months, even if no more rain fell. The country roads are in a fearful condition.



The week beginning April 16 is going to be Community Week in Fort Scott and a series of events is planned for those seven days by the Chamber of Commerce and other civic organizations to help the people of Fort Scott to get a broad view of the daily happenings.

Free lessons on the piano accordion, one of the most popular of musical instruments, will be given by the Ellis Music Company in Fort Scott, it was announced today by Alvin Ruddick, manager. A series of 25 lessons will be given by the company, the offer being open to children and adults. Applications should be made by those who wish to join this class. Mrs. Hazel Konantz, accomplished accordionist, who has appeared in public many times, has been secured as instructor for the free school. The piano accordion is very popular for its value as an instrument of entertainment and musicians are in demand.



Insurance Agency and the Rural Electrification Association building. Eldon Welton, rural mail carrier at Deerfield since 1918, holds the record of never having had an accident during his 40 years of service.

Teen Talk (By Connie Campbell)--The "Girl of the Week" is Karen Covey, a sophomore. She teaches flute lessons and plays the piano. Her pet peeve is WHB commercials. "Boy of the Week is Benny Clinesmith. Benny plays the cello in the orchestra. He received a high rating at the SEK contest in Pittsburg and will soon go to Emporia for the state contest. His pet peeve is people who mispronounce words. "Teacher in the Spotlight" is Raymond McCrum. Mac has taught band classes in Fort Scott for 13 years. Right now he has over 40 members in the high school-juco band, over 90 in the junior high band, and 26 in the seventh grade band. Band members have had fun on the many trips hey have made with Mac. Sorry to see you leave, Mac! (He has accepted a position at Uniontown.)

Randy Hessong, Fort Scott, high jumped 5 feet, 8 inches to a three-way tie for first place with Bumbo of Wyandotte and Rumfield of Independence in Class AA competition at the 10 th annual Pittsburg relays at Kansas State Teachers College. Perry of Mound City got a new javelin record in Class B with a toss of 179 feet, 6 1/2 inches.



Garland Area News (By Verna Hoggatt) --Those serving on the election board at Couch's Garage in Harrison Township were Wilma Woody, Josephine Titus, Leta Query and Helen Hartzfield. There were 41 voters.

Tim Emerson Jr., 16, a sophomore at Fort Scott High School, will be an alternate delegate to the International Leadership Seminar in Orlando, Fla., sponsored by the Hugh O'Bryan Youth Foundation. He was one of 104 Kansas high school sophomores to attend the Kansas Leadership Seminar run by the Kansas Jaycees under guidelines specified by the foundation. Tim is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Tim Emerson Sr.