Uniontown Area News

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Friday, April 20, dinner guests of Dewaine and Beverly Geiger was Donald Janes, Beverly's nephew, of New London, Connecticut. It has been several years since he had visited in this area. He also visited Mr. and Mrs. Harold Minor, Wichita, his half sister Mrs. Wanda Hurt, Pittsburg, and went to Clarksburg to visit the gravesite of his mother Erma Lowe Janes.

Alice Ramsey, hosted a brunch on Friday, April 20, at her new home in Fort Scott, for the ladies of the Uniontown United Methodist Women. It was reported that the food was beautifully prepared and delicious. Those attending were Carrie Elbrader, Pat McClenahan, Lavon Middleton, Carol George and Margaret Hartman, and Alice's friend, Pat Davis. Pat McClenahan, president of the group, presented Alice with a thank you gift from all present for the lovely day they enjoyed. Becky and Joe Brown, Augusta, planned a trip for their parents, Dewaine and Beverly Geiger to Wamego, to attend the annual Tulip festival there, and to see the Old Dutch Mill located in Wamego.

The late freeze had damaged many of the tulips, while many were beautiful. The Dutch Mill was built by Beverly's greatgrandfather, Dutch immigrant, John Schonhoff on a farm 12 miles north of Wamego, fashioned from the mills along the Zeider Zee that he remembered as a youth. The mill was disbanded when the winds of Kansas were not strong enough for grinding. In 1925 the mill was torn down, the rocks numbered, then hauled to Wamego by 35 teams and wagons, and reassembled in the park for the landmark that has become. From there they drove to Frankfort, to once again see the old homestead and limestone home built by Carl Friedrich Scholz, German immigrant, and also a great-grandfather. The home and land are still owned and maintained by members of the sixth generation of the Scholz family. Bob and Louise Geiger, Tulsa, accompanied them on the trip.

The Ladies of the United Methodist Women are sponsoring the sale of frozen fruit from the Bithel Company, Boring, Ore. This is a yearly program for the group. Order blanks will be handed out, and some sent in the mail. The orders must be turned in by June 25, and payment will accompany the order.

The Pass Time Club met April 18, in the recreation room at Cottonwood Estates with Theda Headley, hostess. Alice Clayton, president, called the meeting to order, and the Scripture from Psalms 5: 7- 13 was read by the hostess. Laura Graham guessed the guess what. Katherine Roof and Anna Rose each received a birthday card from her secret pal. The next meeting will be on May 16 at the recreation room with Katherine Roof as hostess. Diversion was Skip-Bo, and enjoyed by all. A large attendance was present at the open house honoring Katherine Roof on the occasion of her 100th birthday. She received a bouquet of 100 roses, which were a beautiful site to behold, and were in all colors of the rainbow, a gift from Alice Clayton and her brothers from Kansas City. The ladies of the Baptist Church planned and carried out the affair, including a dinner following church. Her son Mitch Roof and wife Martha arrived on Thursday, and Bill Wilson, came from Texas for the occasion.

The Rev. Joel Dunn's message Sunday, April 29, was "Weighing The Evidence". Glenn and Ethel Smith were recognized as observing their 61st wedding anniversary.

On Sunday, May 6, will be Parrish Nursing Sunday with Tina Rockhold as speaker. There is to be a covered dish dinner at noon. Uniontown Ruritan meets May 21, at 7 p. m. Baccalaureate services will sponsored by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at 5: 45 p. m. on May 15 at the West Bourbon Elementary School.

Kenny Holt had charge of the opening services at the First Missionary Baptist church, giving the welcome and announcements. Katherine Roof was invited to come to the front of the Church to be congratulated on her 100th birthday. She gave her birthday offering amounting to one dollar for each year that she has lived. Jeff Tinsley was led the singing. The offertory music was provided by Mary Bruner and Jean O'Dell. Special music was solos by Jeff Tinsley, and he accompanied himself on the guitar. He dedicated his songs to Katherine Roof. The minister, Marty DeWitt, brought the message, "On The Border Of Promise", based on scripture Joshua 1: 1018. Following church all attending were invited to attend the dinner honoring Katherine Roof at the school.