Memories spring eternal ...

Monday, April 30, 2007



A.E. Evans, accompanied by his wife and six children, left this afternoon for Salem, Ore., where they will reside. Mr. Evans plunked down $170 for the tickets for himself and his family for the one-way trip.

There have been about 100 wolves caught and killed in this county so far this spring. This a record breaker.

Dr. Roberts, Bert Peterman and Warren Blatchley, who went out on Paint Creek yesterday to fish, had all kinds of luck. It commenced to rain before they got there but they thought it was of short duration and went on to their destination. But there seemed to be no let up and they started home via Redfield where all but the doctor caught the train home. He drove in with the team. Dr. Roberts says fish are biting everything down on Paint and that had it not rained their trip would have been profitable.

Henry Bush, the up-to-date barber, has established his place of business at the new stand in the rear of Prichard-Blatchley drug store. This is the room recently vacated by the Diamond Barber Shop. Mr. Bush has one of the most handsome barber shops in the state and offers first class service.



With Hiattville Folks:

Hiattville School will have its last day Wednesday. There were about 10 days this spring that the teacher, Clair Toynton, had the mumps and was out of school.

Items From Mapleton:

The Home and Garden Club met Tuesday with Mrs. Addie Meek. The day being cold and threatening there were only 10 members present.

Among Redfield People:

H.V. Cowan, solicitor for The Tribune, was in town today.

MINNEAPOLIS--Chickens that picked up bits of gold in North Dakota last winter apparently scratched up a sizable mining project. S.C. Reed, president of the Noel-Robb company, said preliminaries had been completed and placer operations would start within 60 days near Denbigh, N.C. A rush began in the area after gold was found in the fowl sent to market in Chicago. Assayists told Robb that mining would probably be profitable.



The members of Garland Lodge No. 603, I.O.O.F., are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the institution of their lodge at the school auditorium in Garland. Various committees are working on plans for the meeting which will be open to the public. Light refreshments will be served.

All persons who crochet and enjoy the challenge of working out new and original designs are invited to enter the 1957 Bourbon County Fair contest in August. The competition is in charge of Mrs. Walter Collins. Last year, Mrs. Ethel Maffett, 759 South Barbee Street, received Honorable Mention at the national level. She has won the Bourbon County cup the past two years. The year before that, Mrs. Frank Keeney, Redfield, was the winner.

The sheriff's office warns that it will make strenuous efforts to halt vandalism of boats and equipment along the Marmaton River.



Warren Ellis, Kansas City, has accepted a position as an embalmer with the Cheney Undertaking Company.

NEW YORK--If you haven't seen as much of Liberace as you as you used to, there is a reason. There isn't as much of him to see. History's highest pianist-- he went from 50 cents a night performing to two million dollars a year-- has recently lost more than 30 pounds.

UNIONTOWN--The junior-senior banquet was held in the dining room of the Methodist church. Servers from the sophomore class included Virginia Miller, Ronda Wilson, Lucile Ramsey, Alice Burt, Jerry Turner, Fred Goodno and Bobby Hesse. Coach John Davis was toastmaster.


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