Arcadia Area News

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

All churches in this area and towns surrounding Arcadia for miles around cancelled church services on Sunday, Jan. 14, because of ice and sleet which made slick streets and sidewalks. All that is, except the Arcadia Christian Church. those in charge, decided to hold church in the Bungalow and eleven brave souls did attend the morning services. The rest of the congregation were there in spirits and thoughts. Praise to the pastor, David Peterson.

Jerry and Lilly Coonrod along with friend, Barbara Morris, cruised the Islands of Hawaii on Saturday, Oct. 28 until Nov. 9, 2006. They boarded the Norwegian Wind Ship which is one of the Norwegian Cruise Lines. Their itinerary was Honolulu, Hilo, Lahaina on Maui, Nawiliwihi on Kauai, Fanning Island, the Republic of Kiribote and Kona, Hawaii. They recommend it to their friends as a fun loving, exciting adventure.

On Sunday, Dec. 31, Forrest and Ernestine Berkey were guests in Arcadia Christian Church when she gave an offering in memory of her Brother Joe Ward's 71st birthday. At Sunday School time, Bob Adams gave a memorial offering for his Mother, Tillie Adams' 103 birthday. Mike and Ann Morrison of Chelsea, Oklahoma were guests with her mother, Betty and Emory Briggs.

Recently honored as Four State Hero on Fox TV, at 9 p.m. was Raymond Cattaneo from Mulberry. At one time, he and his family were connected to the folks who purchased the Arcadia Journal and combined it with the Mulberry News.

On Friday Morning, Jan. 12, as Carole Garrison was driving home from Liberal, Mo. she hit a slick spot on the Flat Rock Bridge a few miles east of the Mo-Kan state line. Chris Easter came to her rescue with a phone call for help when she ended up in the south ditch. Soon her son Gary and Nancy Golloday were at her side. The Lamar EMT took care of her medical needs. The Arcadia firemen were at the scene but thankfully, there was no fire.

Before the last snow storm hit Arcadia, Bill Watt and his big dog Ossie came from Independence, Mo. to visit his mother, Mae Watt. He did home things to help her be ready for this winter storm.

Arcadia's newest police officer who started in December is Scottie Thomas. Those who wish to run for mayor or Council seats in the April 3, 2007 city election must file before Jan. 23. There are two council seats at large open for this election.

Friends who heard from Neva Hartzfeld Marquardt, former Arcadian for many years wrote saying that at age 97, she still drives her car. At the time of the homecoming parade, Neva rode as honoree of the church van left by a friend for the College Heights United Methodist Church in Pittsburg to be used by the handicapped folks and senior citizens.

JOY Sunday School Class dinner and business meeting were held on Monday, Jan. 9, with 13 present. Correspondence was read from Campus Christians, LATM and former Pastor Cal and Judy Swickard who now live in Palmyra, Ill. in the St. Louis area. All were given a pep talk by Pastor David Peterson. Friends are asked to save Best Choice labels for JOY's missions giving. Jack Payne gave his birthday offering. Mary Lee Payne and Bob Adams presented fun readings for the evening. Seven cards have been sent to shut ins since the last meting. President Patty Peterson closed with "The best thing about the future--It comes one day at a time." Others present were Emory and Betty Briggs, Ava Mae Adams, Mae Watt, Mary V. Shead, Gary Peterson, Jace and Jess Pavlik.