New COVID-19 cases in Bourbon, Anderson counties

Monday, July 27, 2020

Note: This story has been updated to reflect changes in COVID-19 numbers in Bourbon County.

Bourbon and Anderson counties each have one new confirmed positive case of COVID-19 Monday morning, according to an update from the Southeast Kansas Multi-County Health Departments.

Bourbon County Public Health Officer Rebecca Johnson said Tuesday the new case in Bourbon County was listed as active and included in the number of total positive cases.

“After an investigation, it was found that the individual doesn’t actually live in Bourbon County,” Johnson said. “They hadn’t visited recently either. So, this case was sent to the county where they reside.”

Johnson also said there is one new hospitalization in Bourbon County as of Monday evening, bringing the total currently hospitalized at this time to two cases.

Allen County — current positive cases, 6; total hospitalizations, 2 (one remaining in hospital); current recovered cases, 8; total positives since testing, 14 (one removed out of state and to remain there); deaths, 0.

Anderson County — current positive cases, 2; total hospitalizations, 0; current recovered cases, 24; total positives since testing, 26; deaths, 0.

Bourbon County — current positive cases, 5; presumptive cases, 3 (one listed on KDHE website, tested negative); positive out-of-state/county staying in Bourbon County, 11; total hospitalizations, 5 (two currently, with one of the two being a new admit); current recovered cases, 60 (includes presumptive cases); total positives since testing, 65; deaths, 1.

Woodson County — current positive cases, 0; total hospitalizations, 1 (none remaining in hospital); current recovered cases, 11; total positives since testing, 11; deaths, 0.

Recovered cases are based on dates of onset of symptoms, not on the day testing results are received.