Commissioners nix idea of restarting recycling service

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Bourbon County Commissioners on Tuesday briefly discussed, then discarded the idea of offering a free recycling service to county residents.

Public Works Director Jim Harris said 4 States Sanitation will move its solid waste business to Arcadia. He said the company will continue using the Bourbon County Landfill on “emergency holidays.”

Harris said his question is whether the commissioners want him to take back recycling trailers the county had given the company on the condition the trailers be used only in Bourbon County.

“Yes, we do,” Commission Chairman Lynne Oharah said.

Harris said when the county offered a recycling program in the past, the county had to pay someone to take the recycled materials. He offered to research the idea of restarting a recycling program at no cost to residents. He said recycling materials could be brought to the landfill, then the county could transport it to another community. In response to Oharah’s question about recycling aluminum and metals, Harris said the trailers are designed to contain paper, plastic and glass materials, but the county already had a metal recycler. Harris said the county does not have a place to store aluminum cans.

“We probably should encourage recycling if we can,” Harris said.

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