County looks at alternative to free landfill dump event

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

With the free landfill dump days approaching, Bourbon County Commissioners on Tuesday discussed other options that they hope will prevent individuals from dumping unwanted furniture and trash in county ditches.

The county is sponsoring free landfill dump days from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday and from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday.

Public Works Director Jim Harris was given permission to start the process of implementing a landfill voucher program. Each resident would be issued one voucher good for dumping at the landfill at no charge.

The idea was discussed after Commission Chairman Lynne Oharah said he heard from one resident who suggested in lieu of having established free dump days, each Bourbon County taxpayer be allowed one free dump day each year. The reasoning is people have projects or plans to replace furniture at other times of the year, and it might eliminate people dumping old furniture in county ditches. Oharah said.

“I don’t know if would help those kind of people,” Harris said.

“I also believe it would take a level of administration that I’m not so sure we’re set up for,” Second District Commissioner Jeff Fischer said. “I like the concept.”

Harris suggested issuing coupons in tax statements and the county could manage and administer the program “pretty easily.” He said issuing coupons to be used at any time during the year would be easier to manage than a single event that requires additional staffing at the landfill.

Oharah said there will most likely be lines Friday and Saturday at the landfill as he has heard many people say they are waiting for the free dump day.

“But who do you think the people are that are dumping trash? They’re not likely to have (real estate) property,” Fischer said.

“They don’t own property,” Third District Commissioner Nick Ruhl said. “They’re renters.”

“I’m all in favor of keeping items out of our ditches, so whatever we can do,” Harris said.

In the past, he and commissioners have discussed the expense incurred by the county to send a couple of public works employees out to pick up trash and furniture from county ditches.

Fischer asked if there are specific areas in the county that are prone to becoming trash dumps. Harris said the prime dumping locations appear to be within a three-mile radius of the landfill. Fischer suggested using game cameras at the prime locations, but Oharah said the game cameras would disappear as soon as they were set up. Harris said the county has removed four couches from 235th Street near the Marmaton River.

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