Former church employee receives sentencing

Friday, February 2, 2018

The case of a former local church employee who pleaded no contest in December to two counts he faced for sex crimes that took place in 2009 came to a close Friday when the defendant, Joseph Wayne Banker, was sentenced in Bourbon County District Court.

After hearing statements from two victims in the case, as well as remarks from parents of the victims, Bourbon County District Chief Judge Amy Harth sentenced Banker to 60 months probation with an underlying sentence of 68 months in state prison. Banker and his wife also spoke at the hearing.

Present for the hearing were Bourbon County Attorney Jacqueline Spradling representing the prosecution, as well as Banker and his attorney, Christopher Meek of Baxter Springs.

Harth said the sentences would run consecutively and Banker would be eligible for 15 percent “good time credit.” She also said Banker must follow all recommendations of his health provider, have no further contact with the victims or their families as well as no person under the age of 18, and cannot work in a position where he supervises minors under 18.

Banker must also register as a sex offender for a period of 25 years.