Celebrating a special dog’s life

Tuesday, August 1, 2017
Peyton and Sadie Werling sit next to Stubby during the program telling about Sergeant Stubby’s life and accomplishments. The program was part of the Sergent Stubby Celebration held Saturday at the park next to the Lowell Milken Center of Unsung Heroes.
Tammy Helm

Several humans and their four-legged friends/family members, attended the inaugural Sergeant Stubby Celebration held Saturday in the park next to the Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes.

The event was sponsored by the center, which has a display telling the story of a stray dog named Stubby who became a World War I decorated hero.

“Our inaugural Stubby day was a wonderful celebration,” Jessica Schenkel, LMC administrative specialist, said. “I would like to thank all of those you attended our event and joined in the festivities, as well as thank the vendors for participating.”

Sooki spins around as part of her repertoire of tricks she performed with children. Pictured are, from left, Christian Anderson, Ashton Anderson and Marianne Crane, Sooki’s owner.
Tammy Helm

Those vendors included Lee’s Paws and Claws, Gypsy Rottweiler Rescue, Kinede’s Cakes, Fort Scott High School Thespains, Kenny Felt Photography and Jacy Jenkins, director of outreach and partnerships for the upcoming Stubby film.

“We are already thinking of next year’s event and how we can build on to the success,” Schenkel said. “The children, and even adults, enjoyed hearing Stubby’s story about how a dog saved the lives of many during a war. Here at the LMC, we are about promoting role models across all spectrums, and in Stubby’s case, that even includes the four-legged heroes.