Jino joins BCSO as second K-9 Unit

Tuesday, June 14, 2016
Mike Dunivan/Tribune photo K-9 officer, Jino, of the Bourbon County Sheriff's Department, begins his search for drugs during an exercise with K-9 Handler Jared Lyden.

The newest deputy of the Bourbon County Sheriff's Office, is a rare breed of officer. Jino, a giant schnauzer, is the newest K-9 unit belonging to the BCSO.

Purchased with a $5,000 Police K-9 LEAP grant, and the anonymous donation of a Fort Scott resident, BCSO now has two K-9 units on patrol.

Although the giant schnauzer is hugely popular in Europe as a police dog, according to Sheriff Bill Martin and handler Deputy Jared Lyden, BCSO is the only department in Kansas that has this breed of K-9 officer.

"We are the only department in Kansas, if not in the entire Midwest, as far as I know, that has a giant schnauzer," Martin said.

Jino is capable of detecting drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, heroin and methamphetamine, in quantities as low as .025 grams. Being a "dual-purpose" dog, Jino is also able to help track wanted and missing persons. Martin said this will be helpful in the future.

"Last time I needed a dog, before we had these two, I had to wait around 4 hours," Martin said.

Martin said the BCSO will make the dogs available to the Fort Scott Police Department, the highway patrol, the Kansas Department of Investigation and surrounding counties.

Jino is two years old, and comes with a guarantee of five years of service.

Jino was patrol-trained in Germany, but his drug training was done by K-9 Working Dogs International, L.L.C. in Longford. Deputy Lyden finished training with Jino in Longford. The pair officially went on duty Monday.