Reynolds wins medal in home tourney

Friday, April 29, 2016
Fort Scott's Nick Reynolds tees off on No. 1 about halfway through his round in the Tigers' home tournament at Woodland Hills Golf Course Wednesday. Reynolds finished ninth individually with a score of 90. (Scott Nuzum/Tribune)

Nick Reynolds medaled for the second consecutive tournament, finishing ninth in the twice-postponed Fort Scott Golf Invitational at Woodland Hills Golf Course Wednesday.

Reynolds won his first medal of the season at Parsons on April 21 and did so again Wednesday, finishing in ninth place. He shot 42 on the front nine and 38 on the back to finish with an 18-hole score of 90.

"It was good to see Nick medal," Fort Scott head coach Ken Klassen said. "(Thursday) at Jayhawk-Linn, we'll see if he can do the same."

This was also the second on the four Southeast Kansas League designated tournaments. Logan Vacca of Coffeyville won this time out, shooting 38-39--77 and took over in the league lead. Clete Carlson of Chanute, who won the first designated tournament at Independence with an 81 on April 7, finished in a tie for 20th at 47-51--98.

Chanute won the tournament with a team score of 358. The Blue Comets also won at Independence with a 342, which gives them a total of 700 even after two tourneys. Independence was second Wednesday at 366 followed by Coffeyville at 370. The Tigers finished seventh with a 390.

"We played today pretty consistently relative to our competition," Klassen said. "There were some good shots made, good holes, but there were too many mistakes made, some of those mental and some of those, obviously, just a lack of executing what they needed to do."

Hudson Horn had Fort Scott's next-best score of 48-46--94, his season best. Tanner Fox, coming back after missing Parsons due to illness, shot 47-54--101.

The Tigers' three other golfers all shot 105. Camden Stiles scored 54 on the front nine and 51 on the back. Brett Pickert went 57-48 and Derek Bollinger shot 48-57.

"Some terrible holes ruined some decent rounds," Klassen said. "We just need to minimize those big mistakes and make every stroke count. I thought we'd do a little better today at home and we did the best we could and that's all you can ask from the kids."

The Tigers were set to play at Jayhawk-Linn Thursday as long as the course there was still in good shape. The third SEK tournament will be held at Coffeyville on Tuesday.

NOTES -- A junior varsity tournament scheduled for Thursday at Parsons with Labette County as the host was called off due to damage from Tuesday's storm....

Team scores

1. Chanute (CH) 358 (Gericke 87, Chance 87, Liudahl 87, Triplett 97), 2. Independence (IN) 366 (Hugo 84, Barker 90, Carroll 94, Wesselowski 98), 3. Coffeyville (CF) 370 (Vacca 77, Backer 92, Peck 100, Porter 101),

4. Pittsburg 380 (Austin 94, Brooks 94, Rissell 95, Commons 97), 5. Labette County (LC) 385 (Dean 87, Carson 96, Nelson 104, Mathis 108), 6. Fort Scott (FS) 390 (Reynolds 90, Horn 94, Cox 101, Stiles 105),

7. Parsons (PA) 412 (Fuentes 87, Roadie 105, Farris 107, Miesener 113)


1. Logan Vacca, CF, 38-39--77; 2. Corbyn Hugo, IN, 36-48--84; 3. Drew Fuentes, PA, 42-45--87; 4. Logan Dean, LC, 40-47--87; 5. Austin Liudahl, CH, 43-44--87;

6. Skyler Gericke, 43-44--87; 7. Kobe Chance, CH, 43-44--87; 8. Dominic Barker, IN, 44-46--90; 9. Nick Reynolds, FS, 42-48--90; 10. Cameron Becker, CF, 45-47--92.


After Two Tournaments


Teamat Indyat F.S.Total
Labette County381395776
Fort Scott387390777


Player, schoolIndyF.S.Total
1. Logan Vacca, CF8877165
2. Kobe Chance, CH8487171
3. D. Barker, IN8490174
tie. A. Liudahl, CH8787174
tie. Corbyn Hugo, IN9084174
6. Drew Fuentes, PA9087177
tie. S. Gericke, CH9087177
8. Clete Carlson, CH8198179
tie. C. Becker, CF8792179
10. Jake Austin, PT8794181
11. N. Reynolds, FS9290182
12. Logan Dean, LC9987186
13. J. Commons, PT9097186
14. B. Triplett, CH9297189
tie. T. Carson, LC9396189
tie. C. Russell, PT9495189
17. D. Pasternak, IN9499193
18. Dylan Funk, CH9699195
19. T. Nelson, LC93104197
tie. Nick Porter, IN96101197


22. Tanner Fox97101198
23. Hudson Horn10894202
27. Bret Pickert99105204
tie. Derek Bollinger99105204