Anderson settles in as new resident, county appraiser

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Clint Anderson, Bourbon County appraiser, is new to Fort Scott and the county.

Anderson, who was appointed just over two months ago, is already taking to the area as though he's been a local his whole life.

"I love Fort Scott," Anderson said. "It is small enough to have the good characteristics of a small community but large enough to have many of the comforts of larger communities."

Before Bourbon County, Anderson and his family lived a few hours west of Fort Scott for nearly 20 years.

"We lived in Hutchinson for a year before I accepted the job as Bourbon County Appraiser," he said. "Before that we lived in or around Hillsboro for 17 years."

During their process to move to Fort Scott, Anderson and his family experienced great help from those in the community.

"We have recently bought a home in Fort Scott," he said. "As I worked to find a place to live for my family, I have been blessed to find great people in the community to help me buy a home and get my family moved here.

Anderson wanted this position so that he could get back into a county appraiser position, he said. He also wanted to be closer to family.

"I am much closer to my mother," he said.

With his experience as the special projects supervisor for Reno County in the past, Anderson is sure to do well in this position.

"I have over 20 years experience in mass appraisal," he said. "I have a bachelors degree in accounting."

Judy Wallis, the county appraiser before Anderson, was able to help him get acquainted with the job's requirements before her retirement.

"Judy was a great help in getting started," Anderson said. "We worked together for four days before she retired."

Anderson is keeping his expectations of the job to a minimum so he can better identify needed improvements.

"I have learned over the years to limit my expectations and remain open to the good things that each new place has," he said. "This helps me to accept things that are different but need no change while allowing me to identify things that can be improved and work on them."

Anderson has new plans for his office and staff, including becoming more eco-friendly, and has already begun putting these changes into action.

"I have reduced my staff by one part time position in order to utilize those resources in other areas," he said. "I also plan on using technology to reduce the use of paper documents in the Appraiser's Office."