Uniontown City Council moves forward on unsafe structures

Saturday, June 13, 2015
Loretta George/Tribune photo Newly hired Uniontown City Maintenance Worker Krista Mayo, standing right, asked the Uniontown City Council Tuesday evening for permission to take unused scrap materials to either recycle or, if applicable, to the county landfill. From left, seated, facing: Mayor Larry Jurgensen, Councilwomen Danea Esslinger and Amber Kelly. The council approved Mayo's request.

The Uniontown City Council approved publication of the invitation to bid for demolition of two condemned buildings on Third Street, located on the north side of the square.

The demolition process has been on-going for more than two years with property owners given time to make their buildings safe.

Bidders to demolish the buildings will have until the July 14 council meeting to submit a bid, Clerk Sally Johnson said.

The owners of the western most building attached to the condemned buildings are Jason and Rebecca Sutterby, who have made some improvements to their property.

The Sutterbys sent a letter to the council asking them to consider either making repairs to the east wall that is joined to their building when the two other buildings are demolished or buy their lot for $12,000 -- what they have invested in the building.

"Neither of those options are feasible," Jess Ervin, council president said.

The council directed Johnson to send the Sutterbys a letter to tell when the demolition will begin, so they can secure articles in their building.

Union Street Culvert

Installation of the Union Street Culvert was completed by the council this year to assist funneling water through the town to the Marmaton River south of town. The newly laid rock on the northeast side of the culvert has washed into the culvert, Johnson said.

Following a lengthy discussion, the council decided to smooth out the site, put the rock back in place, concrete the area and put a fence over it to secure the rock from washing into the culvert again.

Johnson will contact the Bourbon County Sheriff's Office to see if inmates would be allowed to move the rock back on the culvert. The city's equipment would not be able to get down into the culvert, according to Maintenance Superintendent Bobby Rich.

Storm shelters update

The city has submitted an application for a Community Development Block Grant for storm shelters and sidewalks to Laura Moore, grant administrator for the Southeast Kansas Regional Planning Commission.

"Laura thinks we have a good chance of getting the grant," Johnson said.

Jurgensen commended Johnson's efforts on the grant.

"Sally's done a lot of work on this, she's real efficient," he said.

Nuisance dogs

Rich said about once every two weeks, he has impounded a stray dog.

The city spent more than $400 this month for a 10-foot-by-10-foot-by-six-foot kennel, dog food, containers for the dog food, and a protective tarp over the kennel, according to information provided during the meeting.

Most recently, Johnson found a Collie mix in her yard.

"(The city) bought a kennel," Johnson said. "Bobby set it up in the railroad right-of-way." The spot is in a shaded area near rock and dirt piles stockpiled for future city projects. The council approved Rich pouring a concrete pad to secure the kennel and make cleaning the area easier.

"(The dog) will go to La Harpe tomorrow morning," Johnson said.

Allen County Animal Rescue Facility in La Harpe is a no-kill shelter, she said. The council approved giving a $20 donation each time they must take an animal to the shelter.