Curb Appeal program resumes in Fort Scott; Lancaster makes storm repairs, improvements inside

Friday, February 28, 2014
Submitted photo This photo shows how Mike Lancaster's property looked after the April 7, 2013 hail storm.

The Fort Scott Area Chamber of Commerce (FSACC) and the City of Fort Scott have partnered to create a Curb Appeal Award to be given each month to a residential or business property that exemplifies community pride in the way the owner has enhanced, improved or maintained the property.

Nominations come from Fort Scott Codes Director Brent Crays and the Codes Assistant Audra Young, who select a property while performing their regular duties, according to a press release from the FSACC.

The program was placed on hold in 2013 after the April 7 hail storm that damaged many homes in Fort Scott. The program now resumes with Mike Lancaster being the March winner.

Loretta George/Tribune photo Lancaster stands in front of his property at 901 Crawford that was selected as the March Curb Appeal winner.

What improvements were made?

"We have replaced the roof, gutters and downspouts, vinyl siding and repainted the wood trim and gables, replaced four windows on the west side of house and replaced five window panes on the north side of house, along with thirteen storm windows. We have also remodeled several rooms throughout the house, upstairs and down."

Why did you do the project?

"Due to the Hail Storm on April 7, 2013, which devastated our community."

When did you start the improvements and when did you complete it?

"We started shortly after April 7, and we are still a work in progress. The winter months have slowed down all the outside work that we were looking forward to completing, but spring is just around the corner."

How long have you owned the property?

"My wife and I have owned the property around 18 years."

Is there historical significance or family significance to the property?


Are there any future plans for the property?

"We are going to continue to renovate the inside of the house."

Funding source (grant or other programs)?

"No grants."