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County, company dispute amount of material taken

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bourbon County commissioners decided Friday during their regular meeting to have further discussions with Chain Electric regarding money they say the company owes the county.

Several months ago, commissioners sent a bill for $16,500 to Heartland Electric to replace two miles of gravel they say the company's subcontractors, Chain Electric, took from windrows while replacing utility poles last Fall.

After several months of failed communication with Chain, Bryan Barnett, of Chain and Paul Dodd, of Heartland, met with commissioners to try and reach a compromise on the issue.

Dodd contends the commissioners' estimate of the amount of material taken from the windrows was far more than they actually used. Commissioners agreed to table talks about the incident while Chain takes a fleet of 35 trucks to assist with the potentially historic blizzard hitting the eastern part of the United States.

Commission Chairman Allen Warren also informed Public Works Director Marty Pearson and his fellow commissioners of a card tracking system for fuel pumps that Allen County plans to use. Warren said the system is able to track monthly and yearly fuel usage for individual vehicles and costs approximately $11,000.

"As a fleet manager," Warren told Pearson, "I think it's important to know where our fuel is going...We do use a lot of fuel, no doubt about that."

Warren also said there are other counties who have equipment to rent, such as a road refurbisher and milling machine for repairing roads. The refurbishing machine costs about $400,000 to $500,000 and Warren said it could be rented for about $13,000 a month.

"Maybe that's something we should talk about," Warren said.

Commissioners also discussed planning a time to visit Elm Creek Lake and survey what needs to be done there. Pearson said he plans on cleaning and repairing shelter houses at Elm Creek, one of which appeared to have had someone living in it.

In other business:

* Commissioners considered removing a stop sign from Calvary Road at the intersection of Calvary Road and 160th St. and instead, placing a yield sign at 160th, per a resident's request. Pearson is looking into the matter and will report back to commissioners.

* Resident Darrell Howard reported there has been increased activity of coal truck traffic on Eagle Road and problems with a washed out bridge on 230th between Deer and Eagle Roads.

* Residents Ken and Betty Peterson also requested assistance from commissioners regarding a possible road closing of a 400-500 foot stretch on Kelly Road near 232nd and Marco.

* Warren commended Pearson on recent cold patch work on roads in the county and also suggested that road repair requests received on the county website be cc'd to commissioners.

* Commissioner Barbara Albright will be training Road and Bridge Department office personnel on Excel on Tuesday.

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