Flag flown in D.C. honors DAR

Friday, January 25, 2013



As a result of the increase asked by The Fort Scott Gas and Electric Company in the cost of electricity for lighting the new high school building and operating the machinery that will be installed in it, the members of the board of education are now considering the feasibility of installing a dynamo to run the entire plant, and making power there using the boilers will be used to heat the building, for the development of the power. It is figured that within little more than one school year the cost of the plant can be saved to the city, and in addition the students who are making a study of electricity will have the benefit of the practical knowledge obtained in operating the plant.



Proof that taxes were much lower back in the '60s than they are now is contained in receipts which have just been brought to light among some old papers by E.W. Hartman, of west of Uniontown. One receipt shows that Mr. Hartman's father and his partner, doing business under the name of Marble and Hartman, on Dec. 29, 1863, paid a total of $7.37 in taxes on 200 acres in the county. This payment, at the rate of $1.84 per $100, covered all the taxes for the entire year, including state, county, township and school taxes.

Miss Mary Armstrong, daughter of Mrs. Amy Amstrong, returned today to her classes at Fort Scott Junior High School after an absence of five weeks because of scarlet fever.

The Prop's Saturday special: meatballs and Italian spaghetti, mashed potatoes and brown gravy, combination salad with French dressing, buttered toast. Everybody welcome to "The Prop" located at Wall and Main. Open every weekday 7 a.m. to midnight.



WASHINGTON (AP) -- Living costs, as measured by the government, declined by two-tenths of 1 percent in December because of lower food prices. It was the largest decline for any month in four years.

Photo caption: "Shown is the architect's sketch of the new $30,000 home of the First Southern Baptist Church, 1818 S. Main St."

Photo caption: "Mrs. Lucile Strohm, visits with Mercy Hospital patient R A. (Chuck) Page. Mrs. Strohm started working with the auxiliary in 1957 and has never stopped." -- Tribune photo

Photo caption: "Jean Tracinski, a volunteer seven years, rolls the Mercy Hospital Auxiliary cart into room of patient Mrs. Jim Chapman. Mrs. Chapman is selecting magazines." -- Tribune photo

Photo caption: "Chairman of the Mercy Hospital Auxiliary gift shop is Tillie Neubauer, who has been extending pleasure to customers since 1957. Pictured with Miss Neubauer is Mrs. T.E. Short, a former Fort Scott resident now living in Wichita." -- Tribune photo



Although winter is barely half over, three storms have already hit Bourbon County with mixtures of snow, sleet, freezing rain and just plain cold. Local government has already spent a total of about $23,500 to plow streets and roads.

Photo caption: "These ducks were seen exiting one of the half frozen ponds at Gunn Park. The temperature here dropped to 11 degrees Sunday night and is expected to drop to lows of 5 and 10 tonight." -- Photo by Anna Laudati.

Mollly Foster Berry Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, met at the home of Mrs. Don Crain. Grace French was nominated regent.

Mrs. Aerie Cooper displayed a silk flag which will be presented to the Bourbon County Fair Association. Mrs. Cooper noted that she had correspondence with Steve Lotterer in Washington, D.C., and he said the flag was flown at the capitol Nov. 14 in honor of the Molly Foster Berry Chapter.