Tigers fourth at Ottawa; two finish unbeaten

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

OTTAWA --Fort Scott High School's wrestling team finished fourth in a 10-team dual tournament here Saturday, its final competition before the holidays.

The Tigers (7-3 in duals) defeated Burlington, 48-27, in their first dual and Topeka West, 60-18, in the second. Prairie View won the third dual, 50-24. Fort Scott defeated host Ottawa in the final round of pool bouts, 53-24. Baldwin won the third-place dual, 44-33.

Tyler Sharp, the Tigers' 120-pounder, and Jerad Heckman, at 126, both went undefeated on the day, Sharp recorded pins in his first three duals. Heckman won his first match by forfeit then pinned the four men he met on the mat.

Five other Tigers went 4-1 on the day. Cole Stewart had three pins and a win by technical fall at 113 pounds. Victor Hughes had three pins at 138. John Hughes recorded a pin and won two other matches by forfeit at 160. John Metcalf pinned three men and had a technical fall over another at 195. And B.J. Wilson picked up two falls and two forfeits at 220.

Victor Hughes and Metcalf are ranked at their weights in Class 4A by the Kansas Wrestling Coaches Association and their only losses came to opponents who are also ranked.

Jacob Bradley, ranked No. 4 in 4A at 182 pounds, bumped up to meet Metcalf in the Prairie View dual and won by pinfall. Bryce Shoemaker, ranked No. 1 in Class 4A at 138, pinned Hughes in the Baldwin dual.

Three other Tigers met a state-ranked wrestler during the day. Brendan Blackburn, who was 3-2 at 285 pounds, pinned Ottawa's Mickey Jensen, who was ranked No. 4 in Class 4A. Adam Deloney was pinned by Prairie View's Kaleb Konitzer, ranked No. 3 in 4A at 132. And Wilson's only loss was by decision to Burlington's Gus Farthing, who is ranked No. 3 in Class 3-2-1A.

Covering the rest of the Fort Scott lineup, Cody Bunn was 3-2 with a pin at 170 pounds, Phillip Moran was 2-3 with a pin at 103, Chase Howser, in his first varsity action of the season, was 1-4 at 152, and Deloney was 0-4 at 132.

The Tigers are idle until January 3 when they will host a triangular at the FSHS gymnasium. Pittsburg and Iola will visit. The dual versus Pittsburg will be the first Southeast Kansas League dual of the season.


106: Phillip Moran (FS) won by forfeit. FS, 6-0.

113: Cole Stewart (FS) pinned Trevor Glasgow. FS, 12-0.

120: Tyler Sharp (FS) pinned Dane O'Keefe. FS, 18-0.

126: Jerad Heckman (FS) won by forfeit. FS, 24-0.

132: Josh Young (B) pinned Adam Deloney. FS, 24-6.

138: Victor Hughes (FS) pinned Kendall Jeffers. FS, 30-6.

145: Burlington won by forfeit. Wrestler was not named. FS, 30-12.

152: Chris Ferguson (B) def. Chase Howeser, 10-7. FS, 30-15.

160: John Hughes (FS) won by forfeit. FS, 36-15.

170: Cody Bunn (FS) won by forfeit. FS, 42-15

182: Trevor Hegg (B) won by forfeit. FS, 42-21.

195: John Metcalf (FS) pinned Nate Vander Linden. FS, 48-21.

220: Gus Farthing (B) def. B.J. Wilson, 4-1. FS, 48-24.

285: Alec Smith (B) def. Brendan Blackburn, 4-2. FS, 48-27.


106: Zach Campbell (TW) pinned Moran. TW, 6-0.

113: Stewart (FS) pinned Jeff Hayes. Tied, 6-6.

120: Sharp (FS) pinned Jared Skrinopski. FS, 12-6.

126: Both teams open. FS, 12-6.

132: Heckman (FS) pinned James Boatwright. FS, 18-6.

138: V.Hughes (FS) pinned Jacob Thrall. FS, 24-6.

145: Sampson Smith (TW) won by forfeit. FS, 24-12.

152: Howser (FS) pinned Nick Bowers. FS, 30-12.

160: J.Hughes (FS) won by forfeit. FS, 36-12.

170: Bunn (FS) won by forfeit. FS, 42-12.

182: Dominic Boatwright (TW) won by forfeit. FS, 42-18.

195: Metcalf (FS) pinned Daniel Piland. FS, 48-18.

220: Wilson (FS) won by forfeit. FS, 54-18.

285: Blackburn (FS) pinned Jason Neal. FS, 60-18.


106: Tanner Snow (PV) def. Moran by technical fall. PV, 5-0.

113: Chase Pemberton (PV) def. Stewart, 5-2. PV, 8-0

120: Sharp (FS) pinned Christian Dominguez. PV, 8-6.

126: Heckman (FS) pinned Acetin Benedick. FS, 12-8.

132: Kaleb Konitzer (PV) pinned Deloney. PV, 14-12.

138: V.Hughes (FS) def. Dannon Brake, 4-0. FS, 15-14.

145: Austin Gulotta (PV) won by forfeit. PV, 20-15

152: William Holland (PV) pinned Howser. PV, 26-15.

160: J.Hughes (FS) def. Cordell Dunlop. PV, 26-18.

170: Dylan Rice (PV) pinned Bunn. PV, 32-18.

182: Preston Roedell (PV) won by forfeit. PV, 38-18.

195: Jacob Bradley (PV) pinned Metcalf. PV, 44-18.

220: Wilson (FS) pinned Kyle Huck. PV, 44-24.

285: Matt Kellerman (PV) pinned Blackburn. PV, 50-24.


106: Moran (FS) pinned Anthony Wurtz. FS, 6-0.

113: Stewart (FS) def. Brandon Naminga by technical fall. FS, 11-0.

120: Sharp (FS) def. Cale Paquette, 9-4. FS, 14-0.

126: Heckman (FS) pinned Vigril George. FS, 20-0.

132: Sam Caver (Ot) pinned Deloney. FS, 20-6 .

138: V.Hughes (FS) pinned Brandin Bell. FS, 26-6.

145: Hunter Peoples (Ot) won by forfeit. FS, 26-12.

152: Tristan Morris (Ot) pinned Howser. FS, 26-18.

160: J.Hughes (FS) pinned Caleb Parenti. FS, 32-18

170: Bunn (FS) pinned Christian Fast. FS, 38-18.

182: Dalton Weidl (Ot) won by forfeit. FS, 38-24.

195: Metcalf (FS) pinned Conner Gross. FS, 44-24.

220: Wilson (FS) won by forfeit. FS, 50-24.

285: Blackburn (FS) def. Mickey Jensen, 8-3. FS, 53-24.


106: Ben Morgenstern (B) def. Moran, 4-2. B, 3-0.

112: Stewart (FS) pinned Ben Huntington. FS, 6-3.

120: Sharp (FS) def. Jon Pratt, 9-0. FS, 10-3.

126: Heckman (FS) pinned Cameron Christian, FS, 16-3.

132: Tucker Clark (B) pinned Deloney. FS, 16-9.

138: Bryce Shoemaker (B) pinned V,Hughes. FS, 16-15.

145: Grayson (B) won by forfeit. B, 21-16.

152: Colton Horne (B) pinned Howser. B, 27-16.

160: Jason VanBargen (B) pinned J.Hughes. B, 33-16.

170: Mark Harmon (B) def. Bunn by technical fall. B, 38-16.

182: Mario Garcia (B) won by forfeit. B, 44-16.

195: Metcalf (FS) def. Tiler Garcia by technical fall. B, 44-21.

220: Wilson (FS) pinned Joel Halford. B, 44-27.

285: Blackburn (FS) pinned Joe Chapman. B, 44-33.