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Monday, May 2, 2016

Recovering from the latest adventure

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Well, it is time to bring this latest adventure to a close and get on with my life.

I had an appointment at the University Hospital to get an X-ray of my ribs to see how they were healing. The X-rays showed that they were healing quite nicely. The doctor said I could drop my morphine to one pill a day and if I didn't have any pain, I could discontinue them. She also said I couldn't drive 'til I was off of the morphine.

Within two days I had stopped the pill, but the doctor hadn't told me that there would be some withdrawal symptoms from the drug. The next day I felt like I was coming down with the flu. This lasted for a couple of days, and then I began having sneezing bouts. When I sneezed, it was so hard, it rocked my whole body. Catheryn looked it up on the Internet and low and behold it was withdrawal from morphine. That too stopped within a couple of days. Now I was ready to go back to my apartment in Marshfield.

Son Rob was taking me home, I was up bright and early and had my bags packed and ready to go. We got to Marshfield in the middle of the afternoon. I had been gone over five weeks, but it seemed much longer.

I had a ton of mail to sort and go through, pay bills and all that good stuff.

Rob went out to the hunting shack and went bow hunting. And he also still had a lot of things to do and fix before the deer season arrives on Nov. 17.

When I left to go down to Madison, the leaves were just beginning to turn and the trip down there was a sight to behold. When I came home we had had several rains and wind and the trees were bare and fall had definitely arrived, and within a week it got very cold, cloudy and has been much more winter like.

And now Halloween has come and gone and it won't be long before Thanksgiving. The hunters will be using the hunting shack for the first time this deer season.

I continue to feel better each day and am now looking forward to a new adventure. Don't know how much excitement this ole grandma can take.

Marilyn Miller
The Old Grey Mare