Fort Scott Garden Club celebrates fall

Friday, October 19, 2012

Fort Scott Garden Club met at the home of Lylise Evans for its October gathering. Eleven members were present with one guest, Brenda Beerbower attending as well. A festive fall meal was provided by Lylise and enjoyed by everyone. Halloween treat bags were chosen as roll call was announced with each member receiving a unique gift. Part of the old business section discussed, was adding assisted living categories to the plant section at the Bourbon County Fair open class. This will allow any person in assisted living to compete in their own category and allow all parts to be judged equally. Another topic covered was now being the appropriate time to plant spring bulbs. If you do choose to dig up your bulbs and do not want to plant until spring, these can be safely stored in your refrigerator which allows them to go through a dormant stage that is required. Club benediction was recited to close October's session. The next meeting will be held at the home of Pam Korinek with Sue Ann Frederickson hosting on Nov. 19.

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Wendy Saldivar