Mapleton anniversary fete

Wednesday, October 17, 2012



Today nearly $60,000 was paid out to the employees of the Missouri Pacific Railroad alone. This the largest payroll the company has had for some time. Extra men have been added to the shops until it is running to fullest capacity with no room for added workers. Three or four months ago the payroll was about $20,000 and that was thought to be extra large and now it has been increased three times.

By the vote of Mayor W.E. Brooks, when the eight members of the city council at last night's meeting stood at a deadlock regarding the salary of City Treasurer S.R. White, the ordinance placing it at $900 per year was pleased. Walter Glunz stated that a new stove is needed at the calaboose and it was advised that a stove be purchased. Mayor Brooks suggested that the iron rods under the bridge across the Marmaton on National Avenue are badly in need of attention and should be scraped and painted, and also that the bridge should be tightened up.



Mr. and Mrs. M.G. Myrick, who live on their farm adjoining Mapleton on the southeast, who celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary of their continuous residence on their farm, have probably lived longer on the same farm than any other couple in this part of the state, and possibly in the entire state. Also, there are probably few farms in this part of the state that have been occupied longer by the same family than the Myrick farm. N.G. Myrick's father, William Myrick, having homesteaded it in 1857 and received a patent from the government when N.G. Myrick was a boy only 7 years of age. Mr. Myrick was born in Tennessee in 1850 and the family came to this county in 1857, homesteading the farm the same year. Although Mr. and Mrs. Myrick are 87 and 84, respectively, they are remarkably active. She does her own homework and he takes care of chores, makes garden and takes care of the chickens.



Remember! No finance charges. No interest charges. No carrying charges. This applies to any purchases made in this store. -- Lotterer & Sons, 113 Market.

Newberry's offers more diamond for your money. 1/4 carat, $153.25; 1/2 karat, $215.25; 1 full karat, $376.

The pie supper at Pawnee School was well attended. The pupils and their teachers, Mrs. Hoggatt and Mrs. Johnson, presented an excellent program.

Members of the William H. Lytle Woman's Relief corps voted to have a float in the Nov. 10 National Cemetery Centennial parade.

SAFEWAY: turkey drum sticks, lb. 39 cents; fresh crisp turnips, lb. 10 cents; No. 1 red potatoes, 10 lbs. 29 cents; Pillsbury cake mix, 4 for $1; Manor House pot pies, each 15 cents.



"Congratulations to the Chamber of Commerce and Mary Lynn Cartwright. The officers and management of Security State support the Chamber and its new director 100 percent. We are confident the Chamber under new leadership will be instrumental in bringing progress to the Fort Scott community." -- Security State Bank

Fellowship of Christian Athletes finalized plans for the Chiefs and Broncos football game at the Oct. 1 meeting. There will be 84 students and adults attending the Sunday game. Everyone is encouraged to attend church services before departing at 11:15 at the high school. The early departure time will allow for attending the FCA rally before the game. Each one is to bring $2 for transportation cost and either a sack lunch or money for meals.