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New budget rate motel opens

Friday, October 12, 2012



A number of Democratic candidates were disappointed in not being able to reach Bronson for a meeting there last night. They started west on an afternoon train, but at Uniontown a breakdown to the engine prevented the train from proceeding in time for them to reach the meeting. They returned home last night and will visit Bronson some time later in the campaign.

J.B. Green, of Arcadia, claims he can foretell the weather accurately and he said Wednesday afternoon that rain was coming, and as it came last night, it seems that his claim might be given attention. Mr. Green once had his left arm thrown out of place, and since that time he has felt shooting pains in the member just previous to a weather change. Mr. Green depends upon it with more faith than he does the weather man.



Mrs. Eva Long, postmistress at Hiattville, said today little loot was obtained when robbers blew the safe in the post office there last Sunday night. The impression got out at first that there was considerable money and a number of checks in the safe which were obtained by the safe crackers, but Mrs. Long says this is not true.

The biggest loss was that of the safe itself, which is the property of the postmistress. It is a total loss. The robbers did not even take the postage stamps which were in the safe. They obtained a government check, but the value of it was not large. Mrs. Long reports that she never keeps a large amount of money in the safe.

It isn't difficult to see why the Goodlander Home has to have a Tag Day. Twenty-five hungry and eager-eyed youngsters, given a refuge from the storms and tragedies of unprotected childhood, see to that. It is a bit hard to see why any community couldn't be willing to open up its pocketbooks or dig down deep into its trouser pockets to finance another year of work at the Goodlander Home on the Plaza.



Three finalists for Junior College Homecoming Queen were voted on this morning by the student body. Shirley Hoggatt, Sharon Foster and Helen Kay Foster were named from a list of 10 candidates. The winner will be crowned at half-time ceremonies during tonight's game.

Foodtown store manager sale -- Jim Peters store manager; Mark Gordon market manager: Campbell's Vegetable Soup, 7 large cans $1; Campbell's Tomato Soup, tall can 10 cents; Gold Medal Flour, 10 lb. bag 89 cents; Nabisco Premium Crackers, lb. box 19 cents; Baker's Chocolate Chips, 6 oz. bag 19 cents; Log Cabin Syrup, 24-oz. bottle 49 cents; Mussleman's Applesauce, 8 No. 303 cans $1; fresh angelfood cakes, each 33 cents; green peppers, 3 for 10 cents; firm California tomatoes, lb. 10 cents; Maxwell House Coffee, lb. 59 cents.



The new budget rate motel has recently opened for business in Fort Scott and its managers believe it will add to local business.

Frontier Inn 4 Less, 2222 S. Main, under the management of Leonard and Darlene Halweg, opened for business this month with a grand opening set for Sunday.

The motel has a 40-room capacity including king size suites, queen size singles, family rooms, cable TV. Frontier Inn 4 Less motels are owned by Demac Corp., based in Beatrice, Neb. The motel employs eight people.

Photo caption -- "Pittsburg Purple Dragons won over Fort Scott 32-18 in Friday night's Southeast Kansas League Upper Division. Among the Tigers trying to move in on the play here were senior linebacker Darin Wilson and junior linebacker Tom Dobbins." -- Photo by Bob Weems.

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