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Monday, May 2, 2016

Fly me to the moon

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The other day I was watching TV and they were televising the memorial service for Neil Armstrong. It was such a lovely memorial service, but one of the parts I liked best was when the lady played the piano and sang the song "Fly Me To The Moon." Her piano playing and also her singing were simply beautiful.

That song was written when they still wrote songs that had a story to it. It took me back in time to when I was a young twerp and we all did lots of dancing, mostly jitter-buggin' and slow music. The kind of music that was lovely to listen to and to dance to.

That was when they had ten cent "Hit Parade Magazines." It was a magazine that was full to brimmin' over with nothing but words to the latest songs out. We all immediately began to memorize the words to the latest songs. And it wasn't long before we had it down pat. I wonder some times that if I had put the concentration and work into my school lessons like I did those songs, WOW, I would have been an A-student. There wasn't a song I didn't know.

It seems like those Hit Parade Magazines came out every month. We could hardly wait for them. Some of the songs had two or three verses and we memorized them all. When we would all get together and pile into someone's ole Model A Ford, there might be eight or 10 kids piled in there. That was before seat belts, and no one seemed to care how many or how deep we were piled in. And before we knew it we were all singing our hearts out with the latest song in the Hit Parade Magazine. You know we were pretty darn good. At least we thought so.

And now ... most of the songs written are what I call a "one liner."

They start singin' that one line over and over and over 'til I get a wicked headache. There is no rhyme or rhythm to it, it just drones on and on.

Yep, you can tell I am from another generation back (several to be exact) but ... I do remember those "good ole days" and wish we had them back.

Marilyn Miller
The Old Grey Mare