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Treasure hunt returns

Thursday, September 13, 2012



The Frisco Railroad has contracted with Glen Campbell, owner of the old Hornaday ranch northeast of the city, to pasture sheep in transit from the South to the Kansas City market. Contracts have been let for a spur accommodating immense sheep pens for unloading and reloading near the Cement Works spur north of town. There will be numerous trainloads of sheep from Texas and the South in general. The object is to give the sheep a rest from their long travel and to permit them to feed up.

Sunday morning, Sept. 15, is Straw Hat Day. The day when all straw hats are supposed to be discarded, or crushed.

A few brave men persist in wearing their spring lids on this day, but as a rule they are placed in the attic with a straw hat cleaner and left there until the birds start chirping in the spring. Whether it is an unwritten law or a reality that all straw hats must be crushed on this day is not known, but the custom has gone back for years and years.

There will be no more doubling up so that the third- grade students may have the use of their readers.

This morning a stack of these readers came in to the book stores and are at the disposal of all students interested.



Harry Fisher and family were guests yesterday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Reynolds of the Stringtown locality.

Dick Cox of Richards, who was in the city today, reported a bad fire east of that town Saturday.

The house and contents were completely destroyed. Mr. Baker, the tenant, was in Nevada at the time and Mrs. Baker was asleep when the fire started. The origin is unknown. The loss is estimated at $2,000.

Safeguard your children's health. Only pasteurized milk is safe. Sold at all leading grocers. Ten cents per quart. -- Miller's Creamery

"Stan," the film shown at the South Main Street Park Shell Saturday night under the sponsorship of Standard Oil C Company agents and dealers here, was viewed by a crowd of several hundred persons. The picture told the story of a big business institution and was patterned on order of "Lloyds of London," another successful film.

The fire department was called out last night to extinguish a blaze in a Nash sedan at Wall and Grant streets. The car belonged to L.L. Carter, who was driving with his brakes set. The blaze set the floor board afire.



Fort Scott's "Treasure Hunt" made such a hit a year ago that it is to be repeated again this year, at the request of merchants and townspeople.

The three-day event was highly successful at its inception last year. More than $1,300 will be given away by the 52 merchants participating in the promotion.

Two and a fraction lots east of the entrance of the Winfield Scott School on South Eddy Street were purchased by the board of education from Mrs. Jack Webb. The lots, which have no improvements on them, have a frontage of 113 feet. The purchase price was $1,100. The board does not have immediate plans for using the lots, but thinks they may be used in the future, either to improve access to the school entrance or to make a street connection through to Crawford Street.

Photo caption: "Two Tiger lettermen who furnish a good part of the weight in the line and backfield of this year's squad are Lewis Kalm, 225 pounds, and Bill Endicott, 230 pounds, Kalm is a hard-hitting fullback and Endicott is center." -- Tribune photo



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