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Fishing trip sparks envy

Thursday, August 9, 2012



Bids for the erection of the high school building and the addition to the Margrave Street structure will be opened on Aug. 20 and the board members hope to have both buildings under way within six weeks. If that can be accomplished, the work on the Margrave Street building can be completed in time for the second term of school. All of the winter will be required for the high school building and it will be necessary to hold the high school in Convention Hall for the entire year. It will be proposed at tonight's meeting of the board of education to advertise the bonds for sale.

The issue will be for $80,000 and no trouble is anticipated in disposing of them, as numerous inquiries have already been received from various financial institutions and many more will come when it is advertised that the bonds are for sale. It is proposed to advertise them for three weeks and then dispose of them by bids.

Frank Rodecker, Mart and Harry Miller, John Else and John Connolly drove down to Arcadia in the Rodecker automobile yesterday to attend the fair in progress there.

Mr. Lowe, janitor of the Eddy School, caught a 28-pound catfish in the Marmaton at Bandara Saturday.

He is an expert fisherman and always gets a good string, even when others fail.



Cafe and restaurant employees the city over greeted with envy the news that the two Roberts' restaurants today were closed for the next two weeks.

And this is because Mr. and Mrs. Gola Roberts and family and Mr. and Mrs. H.E. Roberts and the employees of both restaurants left yesterday for a two-week fishing trip and vacation to Minnesota.

The Robertses decided to "close up shop" for the next two weeks and to give their workers a vacation outing. The group expects to return Aug. 21.

The Roberts restaurants are at 12 N. Main St. and 6 S. National Ave.

The city will start Monday on the work of paving with brick the block on Caldwell Street between First and Wall streets, and from Andrick to Arthur street on First Street. The unpaved surfaces of these sections of streets, which are interconnected, recently became so rough as to be almost impassable and the city sacrificed and rolled them.

Miracle Whip Salad Dressing, quart jar, 35 cents. -- Kleen Grocery and Market, 618 Clark. Phone 388.

Miller's Corn Flakes, 10 cents. -- Sterling Grocery, 424 S. Clark. Phone 317.



Photo caption: "Mary Alice Clayton appears here to be in such a hurry to get her cakes and cookies entered in the Bourbon County Fair that she forgot to put on her shoes. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Clayton, of Stringtown."--Tribune Photo caption: "The 'Village Smithy' was a busy man during Hiattville Homecoming. In this mechanical age, this is almost a lost art, and there are very few of them around anymore. Jim Simhiser, Hiattville, is shown here putting shoes on a horse owned by Joe O'Bryan, Hiattville. O'Bryan's son, Joey, holds the horse. Simhiser shoes horses from the Oklahoma line north to Kansas City, and from Osceola to Wichita. His average time is 30 minutes to a shoe horse."--Tribune Photo caption: "Art Bolden, 413 Scott, holds up the head of a bobcat which was killed last night on the north side of Sixth Street just west of the Frisco tracks. The animal made the mistake of wandering into an area occupied by a big black coon dog belonging to Ed Povenmire. -- Tribune Photo



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