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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A chain reaction

Thursday, May 17, 2012



This evening at the Methodist church the graduating classes of the Eddy and Central schools will hold a joint graduation exercise.

The class this year is a remarkable one in many respects. In the first place the general average of the class is higher than usual and second it is the highest class that has graduated from the grade school.

There are 86 students who will be ready to enter the high school.

Supposing all that enter the high school, and it is likely they will, there will be a much larger crowd in Convention Hall there next year than were this year. At present there are only 20 graduating seniors to make room for the incoming class.

WANTED -- Twenty or thirty young girls to write addresses.

Must write reasonably fast. This work is for a few days for everyone who is competent. Apply at Tribune-Monitor office, 123 S. Main St.

The present is one of the busiest seasons on the Frisco for the fast freight shipments and daily fruit trains are passing through Fort Scott for points in the north.

The relieving of the flood conditions in the south two weeks ago has again allowed banana shipments to be routed via Fort Scott and during the past two weeks 260 cars have been handled and the season is just now opening.



Two women and a man miraculaulously escaped sudden death or serious injury Saturday afternoon when a Whippet sedan, brakes failing and steering wheel cramped, rolled backward down the hill just west of the Tenth Street culvert, two blocks east of the high school. It just missed the north side of the culvert, hurled 16 feet to the shallow waters of Buck Run beneath. The women were Mrs. Jennie Carley, 26, and Mrs. Ethel Davis, 23, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mabery, Fort Scott. Johnny Thompson, 24 , was driving the car, which belongs to Bill Mitzner, a cousin of the girls, who was not along. Though the car plunged, wheels in air, and settled over on the right side, mashing in the side and mangling the top beyond repair, the three climbed out through the left doors and jumped to the ground, unhurt beyond minor cuts and bruises. The accident occurred when the motor died as the car was mounting the rise from the east after crossing the culvert. The brakes failed to hold and as the car slipped backward, gaining momentum, the steering apparatus locked. The three were taken to the Newman-Young Clinic by George Bainum, who witnessed the accident.



Mr. and Mrs. James Dunsworth, Hammond, announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Karen, to Airman Third Class Donald Hutchinson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hutchinson, Route 5. The wedding will take place June 10 at the Hammond Methodist Church, followed by a reception in the church annex.

HEPLER -- All Carl Stringer did here Wednesday was chop down a tree, but it set off a chain of events which ended with the rescue of a lost dog.

When the tree hit the ground, the noise frightened a horse staked in the yard of Louis Hansen. The horse pulled the stake and started down the street at full gallop.

The excitement and stomping hooves of the horse startled Tinker, a tiny dog owned by Glen Lowe. The pet was not seen for several hours. Neighbors and friends searched many blocks trying to find it.

Just before dark, Mrs. Lowe and a friend spotted the wayward dog and rescued it on the school grounds.

"This is the first report of a runaway horse in Hepler for many years," Mrs. Lowe said. "I hope it will be the last for a while."



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Nell Dikeman
Memories spring eternal ...