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Try smiling

Wednesday, May 9, 2012



The Old Oaken Bucket -- filled to the brim with cold, clear, purity, no such water nowadays. Bring back the old days with a glass of Coca-Cola. It makes one think of everything that is pure and wholesome and delightful. Bright, sparkling, teeming with palate joy -- it's your soda fountain Old Oaken Bucket.

The Crimson, the annual publication of the senior class of Fort Scott High School, is said to be one of the best ever published by the school. The editorial staff is composed of Ethel Zook, editor; Dorothy Butler, literary editor; Paul Rathton, business manager; Edith Reynolds and Thomas Walton, athletic reporters. Miss Lucy Porter, teacher of English, is critic for the publication. Reporters are Lloyd Thomas, 1912; Agnes Hawthorne, 1913; Florence Ingham, 1914; Elsie Perdue, 1915. Subscription managers are John Charles, 1912; Ruth Hunker, 1913; Y. Allen, 1914; Wesley Carlisle, 1915; subscription manager, Robert Smith; post grad. and alumni, Eugenia Gillock.



J.M. Perkins, the boss, says: "We've let loose with a Niagara of bestsellers at Penney's where your savings pay for extra items." Mrs. Thomas invites you to visit the corset department. Mr. Odell is showing a line of men's athletics. Mrs. Lamunyon has attractive ends of lingerie yardage. Mr. Clary, the shoe man, is talking a lot about white oxfords. Mrs. Bethel in ready-to-wear is showing an intriguing new line of wash frocks.

Although the total precipitation for the month of April was 2.33 inches and it rained on 11 days out of 20, the month was next to the driest April in the past 12 years, being exceeded only by April 1936 with a rainfall of 1.19 inches. In 1927 and 1929, April rainfall exceeded 7 inches.



Riding the Circuit (By Tribune Area Reporter Jack Fairfield):

We used to always find Russell Teubner at the Dutchman's Place at Pleasanton when we shopped there while riding the circuit, but of late we have often seen him in the middle of the street. Now we don't mean to say that Russell has a habit of being in the middle of the street, but it seems by some streak of fate, we see there when we drive into town. Russell bought out Don Parker's Grocery across from the Dutchman's Place and we catch him either going or coming between the two places.

Have you been feeling tired? Try smiling -- the lazy man's recipe for good health. For no good reason, many of us go around working ourselves to death. You see, it takes 22 face muscles to frown and only three to smile! Why not take it easy?

Watch for me -- I'll be smiling at you while I ride the circuit.



Photo caption: "Fort Scott High School sophomore Tom Dobbins struggles to pull freshman Tim Bradbury across a line in the wrestling portion of the 'Latin Olympics' held in Ron Klassen's class. Five events were held in the Olympics, simulating games that would have actually been played in the past. Klassen said the competition helped teach students about Latin culture.

Photo caption: "Fort Scott Middle School students in the Hot Air Balloon Club spent Friday afternoon testing the crepe paper balloons they had constructed. Seen are David Garwood, Susan Foster and Janice Pammenter, who inflate a balloon in heated air and then launch it." -- Photos by John Lechliter and Anna Laudati

Shirley Feagins, Fort Scott, is among 46 students who will graduate May 17 from the University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita and will serve her residence in psychiatry with affiliated UKSM hospital in Wichita.

Nell Dikeman
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